Sunday, August 10, 2008

United States 101 China 70

Well the United States won their first game of the Olympics Mens Basketball 101-70 in their "redemption" tour. I just watched the game which I recorded this morning because there was no way I would be up at 9:15 in the morning. Anyway a few thoughts.

Can we finally get past this nonsense of it's wrong to send pros? I mean with Yao Ming in a China uniform and all.

Even though the United States won easily I still see the same old problems with this team. They can't shoot the 3 and can't defend the other teams 3 point shooters.

Also this team appears to not know how to shot a free throw. That can be costly against better teams.

It's taking every fiber of my being to root for a team that not only has Kobe on it's roster but is coached by rat faced K but showing George W. Bush in the stands constantly or showing him laughing with the team is making my job just that much harder.

Oh and George and crew getting up to leave before the game was over. Way to support your country dude. Me thinks he knew if he got up and left during the game the camera would pan to him.

At half time I paused the game while the camera was on George and I got this really stupid looking expression on his face. I am sure it was a natural expression. I could either laugh or cry and I figured it would hurt too much to cry so i just busted out laughing. I had the Contessa take a look at the expression and she spoke for me when she said "Oh God".

Judging by the looks on Pickles face she either can't stand Basketball, her husband or both.

George Senior looks terrible and he's not moving well at all. They showed him trying to sit down and it took him like an hour.

Kissinger was at the game. How old is that dude?

Up next is Angola on Monday. since I don't work Mondays and the game is at 7:00 I think I can catch that one live.


Anonymous said...

I guess the game Tuesday. That means I have to record it again :)

et said...

Lest we wondered, he is just as classy when it comes to the Volleyball team.

I wish I could buy the whole Secret Service detail T-shirts that said, alternatingly, "We're So Embarrassed" and "We're With Stupid."

Anonymous said...

Looking at those photos I can only imagine what they would do to Bill Clinton. And I am not talking about Republicans I am talking about the media.

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