Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Paid Shills Are Working The Blogs

from TP...

Tim43 Says:

Palin is an excellent choice for McCain.

She has more experience in Executive leadership than the democrats number one guy, Obama. She was already a mayor when Obama kicked off his political career at William Ayers house.

She represents real change, unlike Obama’s choice in Biden who has been in politics since 1972 … when Nixon was president.

She’s a governor who has run a state … unlike Obama or Biden. And 80+ percent of the population of her state have a favorable opinion of her.

She has a proven record of stamping out the good ol boy network and government corruption. Like the kind that persists in Chicago … Obama’s stomping grounds.

Hey, I can’t even remember what Obama said in his speach last night. Looks like McCain/Palin has stolen the show :-)

Sounds like some soreness in TP land.

What is going on? I thought you folks would be happy that a woman is finally breaking through the glass roof that Hillary cracked.

Obama could have closed the deal by choosing Hillary but instead he snubbed her.

Palin even has more experience than Obama.

Do you folks have some sort of hidden hatred of women? Do you only feel comfortable letting them crack the glass roof?

Go Sarah Palin.

Tim43 Says:

Count Istvan Says:

She was already a mayor when Obama kicked off his political career at William Ayers house.

Oh yes. She was Mayor of Buttcrack Alaska. What executive leadership. Really McCain needs better paid shills.

Well, that is very narrow minded of you. Last I checked, Alaska was a state in the United States of America just like Illinois, Texas and Nevada. What do you have against Alaska? It is a great state with great people.

I am just happy that a great woman is running as VP and I think that McCain made a great choice.

This is historic.

I cannot understand the hatred on this board. I thought that you folks would be happy.

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