Friday, August 8, 2008

Subliminal Messages

Hat tip to Jesus General...

Look at this graphic in the WSJ...

Notice Bush and Mccain in suits looking presidential while Clinton is jogging and Obama has a basketball.

No hidden message there.


et said...

Yeah, that's sledgehammer subtlety.

On the other hand, with both W and McCain in rumpled suits, McCain does sort of come off as Bush's "Mini-Me," which does him no favors either.

Gawd, I can't wait for the debates. The contrast is going to be amazing even if the questions are mostly lame softballs.

theroachman said...


No that's not attack add against Clinton and Senator Obama. That is pure jealousy. Then Republicans are upset that Democrats tend to be in better shape :D

Did you see this Senator McCain pick yet?

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