Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards Admits To Affair in 2006.

seriously guys if you are going to fuck up can't you at least fuck up with an attractive woman? OK I kid I have a serious problem with what Edwards did. Not so much with his affair but with the timing and the circumstances surrounding it. Way to go Johnny.

Now A cupple of things I want to get out of the way. over in DU some "feminist" are cackling in unison about the evils of the penis. There was a woman also involved in this. While in no way does this excuse Edwards...truthfully I am pretty pissed at the SOB, neither does it give cause to rejoice in the evils of the male. And no I am not anti-feminist so save it.

second any hypocritical Conservatives who wish to post here, after years of supporting candidates who not only do the same things as Edwards, but much worse, like trying to have sex with little children, will have their posts deleted on sight. So save it.

come on John. How fucking stupid do you have to be?


Anonymous said...

I was thinking sometimes in these situations you start to feel left out. Both of my parents had cancer and both of them began to feel :what about me" while the other was going through it.

Here is the thing. My Father never had an affair during the process. never thought about it. neither did my Mother. They were both as committed to each other as you could possibly be. I just can't come up with one good excuse for John Edwards. Not sure there is one for this in any circumstance anyway.

Looks like my favorite Edwards is still Cate :)

et said...

What about all the talking heads now saying "Is this a problem for Obama?" I mean...what kind of a reach is that? Not like they're from the same state or anything like that - they just happened to be vying for the same nomination.

Of course, to the extent that it raises McCain's own marital pecadillos, I will cheerfully not shed a tear. It seems to me those are more relevant to the man's character than are any actions Edwards may have taken, re: Obama.

I swear, the whole electoral process has become depressingly shallow, all down to sound bites and smear tactics.

The American electorate should be ashamed of the depths it's been pushed down to. May this be the year that everyone rises above it. I'll happily contibute to that, with my vote...from a distance...

Anonymous said...

What about all the talking heads now saying "Is this a problem for Obama?" I mean...what kind of a reach is that?

Exactly. :) When I heard that I couldn't believe it. Well yes I could. Lord knows there are no philandering Republicans.

I was going to write a long detailed response to your comment on the Beverly Hillbillies/Winstons thread but got lazy. Hopes to get it written and posted soon.

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