Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The "Southern Strategy" rears it's ugly head once again

Anyone remember the infamous "Harold, call me!" ad that ran in Tennessee during the 2006 Midterm Elections? You know, the one that cost Harold Ford, Jr. his run at the Senate seat that year?

Well, it's back, and you probably already know who's the target, and who decided to run it.

Memo to Obama and the DNC: it's time that you gut the son a bitch.


Anonymous said...

That's a terrible commercial. Don't vote for Obama because he's popular.

et said...

Crikey, that's transparent. Will anybody actually swallow that crap?

Answer: yes, and very likely they will ask for a refill. Meh.

However, the retro styling and graphics - not to mention the taco: WTF?? - do no real visual favors for McCain. The subliminal they deliver is that this is a late-60s campaign dressed up in its kids' clothes. The phrase ET's British spouse would use would be "mutton dressed as lamb"...

godzilla104 said...

Most of the people around where I live have already swallowed that crap.

Come November, I'm hoping they'll have a case of indigestion they'll never forget.

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