Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics Update

There is one guy in these Olympics that I honestly feel sorry for and that is Michael Phelps. The guy already has 11 gold medals in his lifetime. I don't care if the dude medals from here on out there is NO WAY you can ever call this guy a failure and yet! if he doesn't win 8 golds this year he will get that label. How fucking stupid is that? The man could win 7 golds and a silver and this country would all be like...CHOKE! CHOKE! it's madness. As somebody whose competitive athletic career ended when he moved to Denver his Junior year in HS and decided he wasn't going out again for basketball just to play JV I have to say Mr. Phelps deserves our admiration no matter what at this point.

I Know I am a dinosaur but I am a fan of the sport of Boxing and I hate that MMA/ultimate fighting crap. Ground fighting to me looks like Male on Male on sex. That may get me in trouble but that is the truth. The only reason there is MMA and Ultimate Fighting is some two bit pugs in Lincoln and Kansas City got tired of getting their asses kicked every night so they came up with a new contact sport they could win at. That being said... is there anything shitier than Olympic Boxing? The problem is the scoring system. If amateur boxing brought it's corruption level down to the levels of pro boxing (wrap your brain around that statement) it would be Ok. there are 5 judges. 3 of the 5 have to score a punch by pushing a button instantly for a punch to count. At the end of fight the person with the highest score wins. It's ignorance to the point of bedlam. If a guy gets knocked-down 3 times he still wins if the judges score 4 slap jabs.

I guess the US women's gymnastics team had a poor performance. That is last time you will see them mentioned here.

The United States Mens basketball beat Angola today 97-76 but they played like shit. From here on out the games get tougher and I have yet to see much difference between this team and the last few which have not gotten the job done in international basketball tournaments. The next game is against Greece which beat the US in 2006 in the world championships. Play time is over. How about that Kobe Bryant? His line from the game today...

8 pts (4-13 fg, 0-8 3pt), 4 reb, 1 ast

Thanks Red's Army

Yes this is from the next "Jordan." He sucked against China as well. So far it's been the best of both worlds. The US has won and Kobe has sucked. Now if we can just get Rat Face to have to come home with food poisoning and have Jim Boeheim coach the team...that would be sweet.

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