Thursday, August 7, 2008

Uffy Challenges Me To A Fight

  • 15. uffy | August 7th, 2008 at 3:39 am

    • Count, are you NOT getting enough attention from your mommy? Is your obsession with filth genetic? An overdose in your pablum? You want to come at me punk, you better have more than a filthy mouth and your lips wrapped around Obama’s tire gauge!


et said...

You're head and shoulders above the trollish handful over there, Count.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you ET. I am going to stop posting over there and laugh at them over here. :)

Anonymous said...

For some reason Uffy seams to think Jonathan and I are the same person. In response to Jonathan he wrote...

Count, my suggestion is to change your underoos and have your mommy wipe your butt. Told ya not to eat those crayons. I am done playing with you now. But be my guest and continue to be this blog’s bitch. What a goal you achieved!

godzilla104 said...

Wow, and I thought I'd seen the limit on ignorant trolls.

Then came Uffy.

He hit the IQ bottom and dug a fucking crater 10 feet deep.

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