Monday, August 11, 2008

Writers Block

Any Suggestions? I am thinking about writing about Nebraska's upcoming football season. If I can't write about that then I'll know it's serious. I bet I started 5 threads yesterday and killed them all because the words aren't there.

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et said...

I can't over-recommend Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way as a set of helpful tools and exercises towards getting past any kind of creative block. Two key elements are "Morning Pages" - at least two pages of longhand stream of consciousness writing when you wake up, no worries as to subject, you're just clearing the pipes, so to speak - and "Artist's Dates" - a once-a-week hour by yourself doing something unexpected that recharges your inspiration, anything from a walk on the beach or in a public garden to a trip to the secondhand store or a farmer's market.

I worked through the whole book at a time when I felt really "stuck" and damned if I didn't start writing (and more) again. I hated doing Morning Pages - I'm not a morning person at all - but I think blogging may have taken their place as an outlet. Artist's Dates are still very useful and I try to take one once a month.

Don't be put off by the artsy-fartsy tone at times. It really is a good un-blocker no matter what kind of writing you plan to do.

The link is to a Forum of people working through the book rather than the book itself. It gives more of a flavor of the contents and the program than Amazon or B&N, in case you want to give it a whirl without the book in hand.

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