Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jer Weighs in on Palin

I figured that with today's news, our old pal the Reverend Jeremiah would have a few things to say about McCain's VP pick. I wasn't disappointed. Here are some tidbits from the linked post and from his first reaction to the announcement.

I'm sure that Gov. Palin will do good things for the country, as she's young and will have the necessary energy to help put the country on the right track by giving added wisdom and incite to John McCain's administration to make for a real team defending America and our traditional standing in the world.

"Incite" is my emphasis because...well, it's a pretty telling typo, if you ask me.

Of course, there will be the critics, but we know that the opposition doesn't live in reality, and it is exposed for what it is, and the opposition is marginalized in the face of truth, as the truth will always stand bold and unflinching!

Er...hello? Who exactly doesn't live in reality? Last I heard, Jeremiah lives in a world where his faith's holy book is the "real" Constitution. That's not my America.

And on to his deeper analysis...

Which one of these two camps is more qualified to lead?

This should be good...

Well, for arguments [sic.] sake, let's put it this way ... Which of these two camps is going to use government intervention on the two basic issues facing our country, and how effective their past history in dealing with state/government policies that they've dealt with economically and socially.

Already a redefinition? OK, we'll bite. I think he's trying to say that the economy and social issues are the most important matters facing the nation, and he's going to look at the candidates' records...

Here comes the wildest run-on sentence I've seen in a long while. Try to follow the plot. It won't be easy. He's trying to talk about Obama's voting record.

Well, if you know what the most liberal, which would is more well known as the extreme left-wing of the Democratic party means, you understand that government intervention to control peoples lives economically has the greatest impact on a wide scale basis, and more often than not, it is a negative impact by tax and spend, and the reason this has a negative impact, is because those who are working to pay and make a living for their families are the ones with a steady above average pay because many people depend on them and their services to sustain them, sort of a hand-in-hand thing, you might say, but these very people, that working hard to supply for their families are who the extreme left-wing look to when they want to help those whom they think are "worthy" of their help monetarily, and they have a list in which are government held programs designed and used to raise or lower the deductible on your income, but in this case, with the liberal Democrat economic policies it is usually raised to finance the programs they create for the purpose of redistributing the income you pay in to the government system.

Did that make sense to you?

No, me either. He seems to be saying that Democrats "tax and spend" in order to funnel the tax dollars of the successful (read, right-wing rich) to the unsuccessful (read, left-wing lazy slackers looking for a handout, and did I mention how immoral they all are?). That little thing that we all used to look upon as the we're-all-in-this-together -- gee, I heard that somewhere recently...oh, yeah, in a stadium of almost 85,000 citizens! -- social contract that says we should be our brothers' keepers. Jer must have missed that particular chapter and verse. is all feeding unnecessary programs that aren't helping anybody except those who squander it for political power and greed and those who do not wish to make a living for themselves, in other words, it feeds corruption and discord among the masses...

Oh, really? That would explain all those hard-working Americans losing their homes and livelihoods, then. They just don't want to succeed. No compassion points for you, Jer.

Here, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are alike in their want for more taxation which does not represent the views of the majority

Math, Jeremiah. Math. Obama's proposals would represent tax relief for 95% of American taxpayers. In whose mathematics does 95% not constitute an overwhelming majority? Yes, if you're up there above that mythical middle-class-threshold of $5 million, you might have to pay a little bit more. But you won't miss it.

I won't even mention the unaccounted-for, mortgaged-to-China, un-budgeted dollars that are being flung around like confetti every day in Iraq. Because they freaking dwarf the tax hikes you're so petrified of.

He continues.

Speaking of discord, it is in the social/moral policies that our nation consists and rests upon

Really? I thought we were supposed to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. But let us proceed.

As far as the the moral area is concerned, there are two issues that are affecting our country in a profound way - Life and sexuality, which correspond into the two injustices that the extreme left-wing is trying to impose through the highest court that are inflicting great damage to our 'traditional' culture as a whole. What are they? Abortion and homosexuality.

Ah, now there's Jeremiah's red meat. Women having control over their own bodies, and the terrifying spectre of The Gay. Because you know that Obama/Biden are going to MAKE everybody abort their babies and FORCE you to turn your existing kids - maybe even yourselves!! - GAY. The horror, the horror.

If the Founders were to come back right now, the would be wondering at the sight of such moral chaos and turmoil, "Where on earth is our Constitution???", "Why aren't the people adhering to it??"

Oddly, I agree with Jer on this. But I think the Founders would be looking toward the neocons and BushCo as they bemoaned this plight...

They would find classrooms filled with students learning how to perform sexual acts by their teachers, instead of God's Word.

OK, now it's just getting too silly to go on with, once Jer invokes your child's second-grade teacher turning story-time into orgy-time. I'll let you all read on and absorb for yourselves how deftly Jer sidesteps the question of Palin's complete lack of qualification to step into the second highest office in the land, and the glorious sideshow of how he makes it all about which candidate and/or prospective nominee has more Washington "tricks up their sleeve" - he really does a sterling job at damning Clinton with faint praise, on that score. And he even invokes the excuse-for-everything POW meme.

And I'll just close with a captioning contest borrowed with a H/T to Jesus' General. The original caption was "A Heartbeat Away."

I think we can do better...


et said...

OK, my very snide caption is...

"He's hawkin', and I'm a Hockey Mom! What more do you want??"

Jonathan said...

Isn't odd that the people who scream the loudest against gays turn out to love to pound ass or take it up the pooper?

Anonymous said...

Is Jerry actually saying other people don't live in reality?

godzilla104 said...

Well Count, that's the problem with people who suffer from mental illness. To them, everyone else has the problem, not themselves.

I fully expect to see Jeremiah walk into a crowded peaceful place, pull out his automatic that was given to him by his god, and start fighting the war that very same god told him he has to fight.

I don't pity Jeremiah at all. I know he's sick. But you can't reason with a blind rabid dog like him.

He and ralph are two peas from the same pod. Gawd help us all.

Anonymous said...

That is true 'zilla. And I agree with you.

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