Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic National Convention Day 3.

I bet you thought I forgot :) is there anything better than watching 75 year old white people dancing to Motown? Especially when they are 600 pounds.

4:22 Edit: When did Bakersfield become a great city? I mean they gave us some great music but if 25,000 gas stations makes your city great then I guess Bakersfield is the best.

4:33 Edit: isn't Salazar a Republican in drag?

4:52 Edit: Alaska proudly cast 3 votes for that brilliant, wonderful, perfect, beautiful Hillary Rodham Clinton. Oh yeah and 15 for the other black guy running.

4:58 Edit: Colorado cast 55 votes for Barack Obama, 14
votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton and Ken's vote goes to Joe Lieberman.

5:34 Edit: Ben Nelson just say cast our votes before it is gameday Saturday.

5:48: Edit: Barack Obama is the nominee. Hillary comes through again and does the right thing.

7:42 Edit: I admit it. I had to take a break. I have watched almost all of this convention except one hour last night that I watched Big Red Wrap Up. I went out for a walk with the Contessa. I hope I didn't miss anything too Important :)

8:05 Edit : The Man my Father swore was the best President of his life time... Bill Clinton

8:25 Edit: The man could sell Ice to Eskimos. Great speech Bill.

8:38 Edit : Great stuff from John Kerry tonight.

8:44 Edit: Is this really John Kerry? Where was this guy in 2004?

9:14 Edit: for all the people complaining about other stations not showing speeches...CSPAN!

9:17: Edit: Smooth. Bring out a Woman to talk about the evils of violence and bring her out to the theme from Rocky.

9:45 Edit: That's not change. This has been a great night to be a Democrat.

9:54 OMG! That "Negro" kissed a white woman.

A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tonight.

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