Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watching The Speech On C-SPAN.

Ok announced Dick Durban.

The Mayor Of Springfield Diamond Jim Quimby.

Mention the passing of Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

19months ago it was cold in Springfield.

The American people are better than their government. Amen.

We Can't afford 4 more years of failed Republicans Double AMEN!

Searching for a leader.

Obama would be a great TV minister If he ever had a loss of dignity and morality.

Biden a man of character.

Born the son of a Share cropper...

Introducing Obama's Vice President...

Now Obama is shaming us into voting for Biden.

I Love you Barack but you are pouring it on a little bit thick.

Shit why is this guy running for Vice President? He's the greatest man ever.

Called McCain Catastrophic. Good.

Biden is at ease in Cedar Rapids bars.

Obama keeps tying McCain with Bush which is really good. The over dramatic descriptions of Joe Biden however...

Let me introduce to you the next President of the United States Joe Biden... Oops.

Have Lincoln quote ready. Good.

Oh Lord the son of a share-cropper story again.

Is there a reason they keep mentioning the fact that he is catholic?

Only 4 years of Bush and McCain? how I wish.


We As A nation Can-not afford 4 more years of this! Beautiful!!!!!

I'm Liking This Biden speech.

That's not a worry John McCain has to worry about he just has to worry about which of 7 kitchen tables to sit at. That did it. You so have my vote.

How many times can you use the phrase every fiber of my being?


Another beautiful shot at George W. Bush.

Biden and McCain are friends.

Quoting McCain's own words to show how he and Bush are the same. fantastic.

This is an awesome speech.

You can't change America when the first 4 years of your Presidency will look exactly like George W. Bush's last 8 years.

Barack America?

4 more months!

Wrap it up Joe.

Steel in his spine? that must hurt.

Millions of Americans!

One Candidate has passed that test.

Now he's using words that I have never heard of.

The Son of a share-cropper again.

Biden's wife is drop dead gorgeous. That was odd. Que Richard and Pat Nixon joke.

Close with Lincoln.

It's our time it's Americas time.

God will protect our troops when we bring them home.

Michelle Obama is tall.

Great speech.

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