Thursday, August 7, 2008

They Say Ignorance Is Bliss...

Uffy Must Be The Happiest Mother Fucker around

  • 10. uffy | August 7th, 2008 at 2:35 am

    I am trying hard not to laugh, but I gotta tell ya with the juvies posting on this blog it is hard not to laugh. Obama has NO clue. Can you imagine over inflating 10 ply tires? Can you belive the kool aid drinkers who think the US should be out of the MidEast, but have no problem sending almost a half trillion dollars a year to them for oil? The left wingnuts are so out of touch with reality they should seek medical attention immediately.
    The USA could have been oil independent for the last 30 years if the DEMS wouldn’t have repeatedly blocked domestic drilling and alternatives which include nuclear.
    To hang on every word spoken by a freshman Senator with 143 days of experience and 20 years of listening to racist hate speak and then disrespect a man who has served in Congress for 27 years and in the military for 22 years is disingenuous at best. Leave it to the young, naive, commie wannabes, and nanny staters to drink at the trough of swill. And while you glory in Obama’s statement that he is a Progressive, remember that Hitler was also a Progressive!


Jonathan said...

I literally spat out the sprite I was drinking while reading this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Uffy doesn't like me...

Count, let me guess: You will 14 on your next birthday? Have you out grown those underoos yet? (pats Count on his pointy head), run along now and don’t eat your crayons!


godzilla104 said...

I'd say that Uffy the moron not liking you is probably a good thing. No telling how many diseases his retarded ass is carrying around as it is.

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