Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention Day 1.

Well it's about to start. I watch the convention on CSPAN which I prefer over the cable news networks. I mean if I gave a shit what Black Jack Billy Bennett and Ed Gillespie thought I would watch the Republican National Convention.

This week I'll miss not being able to post on off topic.

I'll check in periodically and leave comments.

PLEASE feel free to come by and tell me what you think of what you're seeing.

5:36: Edit. so far BLAH. But that is to be expected. McHale should have worked the word women in a little bit more.

Oh and Mayor Hickenlooper I am sure you're a great guy but public speaking is not your thing.

7:52 Edit: Great speech from Jesse Jackson Sr. The first great speech of the night. Things were really kinda...Blah until then. I thought the town hall thing was kinda..cheesy to be honest with you.

8:01 Edit: I am sure this song is saying going to have a funky good time. But it sounds like gonna have a fucking good time. Either way it's all good.

8:20 Edit: Sexist Comment alert* Caroline Kennedy looks damn good for 50.

8:34 Edit: Ted Kennedy still kicking ass.

8:42 Edit. Outstanding moment! Can't wait to see the Conservatives spin that. Well yes I can. No wonder Conservatives hate Ted Kennedy. They despise greatness. That fired me up.

9:05 Edit: God bless Jim Leach for speaking at the convention and supporting Obama but I now know who voiced Kermit the Frog.

9:26 Edit: Good but unexciting speeches from Leach and McCaskill.

9:40 Edit: Republicans are really really good at dehumanizing their opponents wives but I really really like Michelle Obama.

Let me just say I turned on CNN after the convention was over and was reminded why I watch C-SPAN. David Gergen says " I thought Michelle Obama saved the day of the Democrats blah blah blah". With all due respect David...fuck you and the MSM.

Honestly I didn't think this was a great opening night of the convention until Ted Kennedy made his speech. After that it was very good evening. Leach and McCaskill were fine and Michelle Obama was great. I give night one a solid B.


et said...

Here's what I put in on the NH Mains open thread for Night 1:

Good insight, oklad, on Obama staying away until Thursday to let the Clintonian drama play out. I think it's wise. If he was there for the duration it would just be that much more reason for the GOP to screech about Celebrity and Cult Of Personality and all that garbage.

I disagree that nothing substantial was accomplished tonight just because it wasn't a slugfest directed toward McCain. I think the Ted Kennedy tribute set the mood in that it and his subsequent speech helped the party recapture the tone from the JFK era, that sense of boundless possibility that is less quixotic than it is *committed*. And Michelle's speech capitalized on it by personalizing that story - the "obligation to make the dream real" - and linking it to Obama in a very direct and human sense.

The overture sets the story arc without telling the whole story. Tonight was the overture.

Act I tomorrow evening should be a stunner.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I assume you are watching the convention on C-SPAN and avoiding the idiots. :)

et said...

Nah, I watched MSNBC for the benefits of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann...leaving the room when the likes of Tweety or Buchanan or Scarborough were holding forth. *sigh* The price you pay....

But I will try C-SPAN tomorrow. Probably wiser.

Sergei Andropov said...

"God bless Jim Leach for speaking at the convention and supporting Obama but I now know who voiced Kermit the Frog."

When I read his speech (which Woke had linked to), I thought, "Wow, how come this guy isn't running?" Then I watched it on YouTube and had my answer.

Anonymous said...

I agree Sergei. Good speech not the best delivery.

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