Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More "Family Values" from the GOP

Mayhill Fowler of the Huff Post travels to South* Dakota to cover an even which shows why I hate ignorant people.

I am at the event. I am choking on nitro, mown hay, chopper dust and pot. Police dogs are sweeping the crowd. The mainstage announcer says bikers have to move out of the security perimeter during the sweep. "Be sure to take all knives and bombs with you," he chortles. For sure, the knives are real. Cruising through town, I pass a "knives sharpened here" booth at the Episcopal Church. Three aged and rounded cavaliers of the road lounge before a poster, hand-drawn in black and red, featuring a dripping dagger and the advertisement "Under the Blood.........."

"President Johnny!" the bikers shout as John McCain takes the stage. VROOM-VROOM-VROOM! The choppers add their chorus. "I'll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day," McCain says in reference to Obama's crowd in Berlin. "FREEDOM!!!" the poachers at the press table roar, and the table shakes as if under attack. McCain mentions his rival again, saying Obama wants to save gas by inflating tires, and some of the bikers cry, "Fuck him! Fuck Obama!"

More from the event:

The lure of motorcycle week in Sturgis is the surrounding Badlands countryside with its miles of open road. But it's also alcohol, drugs and sex. My other plane conversationalist was a Texas woman coming in to help at her family's barbeque booth. Dorothy's husband called her down in Austin the night before to complain of the couples coupling nekkid on his picnic tables at the Chip. The evening will be more than a mere military tribute to John McCain.

For a Party that professes family values a whole lot, they sure love to never show it....that is, of course, until an election comes along where they're all-but dead certain to receive the royal boot.

Edit from The Count.
Small edited Jonathan. It's South Dakota :)

And yes I hate the white trash convention...err Sturgis motorcycle rally as well.

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