Monday, August 4, 2008

The Olympics Are Off To A Flying Start


BEIJING - Attackers rammed a dump truck into a patrol station in China’s restive Central Asian border province Monday morning, tossing grenades in a raid that killed 16 officers and wounded others, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

The attack in Xinjiang province was in an area where local Muslims have waged a sporadic rebellion against Chinese rule.

It came just four days before the start of the Beijing Olympics — an event that at least one radical Muslim group has vowed to attack.

The brief Xinhua account said the attackers drove the dump truck to get inside the paramilitary police compound in the Kashgar area and then exploded two grenades. A state television report gave a different version, saying the police were attacked while marching in front of a hotel while conducting morning drills.

Besides the 16 dead, another 16 armed policemen were wounded, the reports said.

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Macker said...

Gee, the RoPMA™ Strikes Again! And against the DFCs no less...Let's have BOTH those sides lose that one!

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