Sunday, August 3, 2008

Football Season Is Here

Pre-season NFL has just kicked off and the first play was an on-side kick. Maybe the most exciting thing that happens this whole game. It's The Colts vs the Redskins. The Colts just lined up with 10 defenders...yeah these pre-season games blow. But it's great to have an old friend back. :)

Late Edit...

The Man and Woman who own the Green Bay Packers and know it.


Anonymous said...

They showed Brett Favre getting off the plain with his shit eating " I just fucked you over" grin on his face with the faithful Deanna "tits" Favre standing by him.

If Aaron Rodgers doesn't demand a trade he's a damn fool.

What will Green bay do now?

et said...

I got nothing.

My college roommate thought I didn't like football because I didn't understand it. I understand it. I't care.

[invokes Matron Saint privilege not to care about football threads]

Carry on and enjoy, Count & Company!

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