Monday, March 2, 2009

What part of 'Reaganomics doesn't work' doesn't Mark understand?

Remember the 2008 Presidetial Elections?
The day when Americans voted overwhelmingly for the black guy with the last name that's one letter away from spelling 'Osama?'
The guy who won big in states in which the former President easily carried in 2004 (Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, etc.) and changed the electoral map with Howard Dean's 50-State Strategy?
You remember the final tally: 365 electoral votes for Obama and 173 for McCain, with 270 needed to win the White House?
The night where the American public rejected the economic platform of more supply-side economics and handing out tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% and spoke loudly that we wanted a new course of action to get us out of this financial nightmare?
Well someone needs give Mark Noonan the message, becasue he's still under the impression that what we need is more of the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

If we really want to change things, then we have to cut spending down to the basics for survival and safety and then kill any regulation which burdens the tasks of making, mining and growing things......We need conservatism - pure, fresh conservatism, from top to bottom.

Earth to Mark: we've tried it your way for eight years, and it didn't work. And if it did, then John McCain would be occupying the Oval Office right now.


Anonymous said...

8 years? Republican's had the congress from 1994-2006 and The presidency from 1969-1977 and 1981-1993 and 2001-2009. Or in other words 28 years out of 40.

Anonymous said...

And look what Pelosi and her band of liberals did in just the last 2 years.

Stock market is tanking every day..

Thanks Obama and Pelosi you piece of shit.

Ranger Bob in the house

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what that smell was. Should I just erase this fuckers posts on sight?

Anonymous said...

Hel-LO, Ranger Bob, there is a reason it's come to be known as Reaganomics. A clue: it has nothing to do with Pelosi.

You need to take some advice from Lincoln.

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