Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some More Of The Comedy Stylings Of Pete Kent


PeteKent said...

Oh, Nate, you really are out of your depth here.

First off "The anticipated tax treatment of stock market investments vis-à-vis other asset classes" as a disntiction is silly: captials gains taxes apply to all capital assets whether they are traded on an exchange or not.

Similarly, risk tolerance is something that the market accomodates by pricing differentials, discounting higher risk ventures while marking up the safe assets.

Moreoever, anything that benefits the economy will benfit the amrket in general as much of the amrket is based on consumer sentiment and buying power and in our capitlaist system eventually a dollar even if "created" by the government has to make it into the private hands.

I could go on, but you are so far out of your depth as to be not worth reasoning with.

Let's take a look at the market today: plunging once more!

Citibank trades beneath a dollar and GM cannot muster $2.00. But heck, let's not get all squishy over the market. Things are jsut peachy and prosperity is right around the corner!

PeteKent said...

And if CEI is sudeenly bullish where are all the jobs and the spending to go with it?

Stick to baseball, Nate, youa re embarassing yourself!

PeteKent said...

Regan created a new paradign and ushered in supply side economics that created the foundation for propserity, employment and wealth creation that we enjoyed in virtually uninterrupted fashion for nearly 30 years until Ovomit came on the scene.

Now he is killing it with his return to very economics that ruined this economy in the 1960s!

PeteKent said...

Tony C's commentary is instructive as it demonstrated the vast degree of uncertainty that is out there.

This could be cured very easily by the solution that dare not speak its name!

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