Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Dare You Idiots Have An Opinion

IHTAF is a private foundation. That means it is none of either yours or Keith Olbermann's business who they invite to be the speaker for their luncheon.

This also higlights your hypocrisy in that it is apparently ok to disagree with and harass (to the point of traumatizing) the IHTAF, but not anyone accociated with the Center.

Stop whining. If you don't want to be harrassed, stop harassing other people.
The problem with the majority(all) of you idiots who suckle from MMA is that you are stupid. The girl's family quit her job because of the firestorm set off by Ms. Terkel when she blogged against Bill O'reilly. They set up a button online once clicked would send hate mail to the girl and her family. Apparently you idiots on this website do not need the whole story to make a judgment. I hope you fools see my comment before the powers that be at his disgusting website take it down.

For those who think it's stalking, the media have special rights when it comes to information. Watters can follow all he wants. He does not pose a threat to the woman. She even had a male companion with her. You people make me sick.

You idiots, members of the media have been doing this for years. You are just to stupid to understand that you have no legal grounds to sue.

Watters interviewed her on a public street. You fools didn't even watch it.

No Damial as of yet. Unless of course She is Randi and Jason.

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