Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Open Thread Wednesday

Please take a look at the inaugural winners of the weekly "testy awards" Nominated by MOT and myself.

I noticed ESPN is running baseball tonight I am on record with my feelings for baseball but I know Jonathan loves the game so if he writes a preview I certainly hope he posts it here.

And finally this quote from a Think Progress troll...

tpafla Says:

So the people that believe that Obama’s plans are going to shape this country into something oposite from what the Constitution says they should just sit back and wait for AMERICA to fail without a fight?

Excuse me but the last people on earth we should be taking constitutional advice from are Limbots and W enablers.

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Anonymous said...

Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP)—Kobe Bryant’s former housekeeper is suing the NBA star and his wife, contending she was “harassed and humiliated,” denied health insurance and forced to quit because of “intolerable” working conditions.

In one instance, Maria Jimenez says Bryant’s wife ordered her to put her hand in a container of dog waste to retrieve the price tag of a blouse.

Jimenez filed suit Friday in Orange County Superior Court. She says in court papers that Vanessa Bryant “badgered, harassed and humiliated” her in front of Bryant, the couple’s children and others. She said the couple failed to provide health coverage, as promised when she was hired. She said she didn’t learn she didn’t have it until she became ill and sought medical attention.

The action seeks unspecified general, punitive and special damages, as well as back pay and overtime Jimenez says she is owed. The lawsuit was first reported by

Rob Pelinka, agent for the Los Angeles Lakers star, did not immediately return a call.

Jimenez wasn’t fired but her lawyer said she was wrongly discharged because Bryant’s wife made it impossible for her to continue working at the couple’s Orange County home.

“She quit but because the working conditions were intolerable,” attorney William Vogeler said Wednesday. “We allege it was a violation of labor laws that protect people from working in unhealthy situations.”

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