Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness Day 2 Recap.

Ok I have to be honest about this. I did not watch nearly as much of the tournament today as I did Yesterday. I mean even I can't watch College Basketball 48 hours straight. College football maybe not college Basketball. Too bad for me. On the whole today's games were much better than yesterdays.

Start again in the Midwest Bracket. My pick in bold.

#1 Louisville had a tough game for a half against #16 Morehead State then pulled away in the second half to win by a comfortable 20 points.

#8 Siena trailed the whole game against Ohio State before taking a small lead late then traded it the rest of regulation with #9 Ohio State. Siena had a chance to win in regulation down 1 with 2 free throws but only made 1 of 2 to put the game in overtime. The first overtime produced nothing conclusive and Ohio State had a 1 point lead when Siena hit a 3 with 3 seconds left to take a 2pt lead. Ohio State's last second shot was off and Siena won by 2.

#12 Arizona the controversial pick of the to tournament proved the NCAA committee wise with a 13 point victory over #5 Utah. This was one of two games today that I picked wrong and knew better. Still My sheet says Utah.

#13 Cleveland State provided the surprise of the first round by jumping out to 9-0 lead on #4 Wake Forest and then never really letting up in a shocking 15 point victory over the ACC Power.

#11 Dayton got out to a nice lead and then held off #6 West Virginia. Here I stuck with my gut and got it right. You should always go with your gut.

#3 Kansas had a battle #14 North Dakota State but held off the Bison 84-74. Though I am not one of those always root for the Big XII people, especially when the Divahawks are concerned... but it's nice that the conference is 6-0 in the first round.

#10 USC Beat #7 Boston College decisively today. This was the other game I couldn't believe what my sheet said. I knew better than this one. Oh well.

#2 Michigan State beat #15 Robert Morris easily. It's been a better than expected tournament for the Big Ten. This game however was a lock.

West Bracket...

#6 Marquette barely held off pesky #11 Utah State by 1 point. The game was close through out but Marquette managed a 4 point lead with just seconds left and Utah State's last second three pointer was meaningless.

#3 Missouri had a tough time for a half then wore out #14 Cornell with their pressure in the second half. Missouri would go on to win by 20. It was the second straight blowout loss in the tournament for Ranger Bob's "Alma matter. "

The East Bracket...

#1 Pittsburgh slept walked through much of their game against #16 East Tennessee State but managed to pull away for a victory at the end. Had East Tenn. State been able hit their free throws this could have been the first victory for #16 over a #1. Instead #1 went to 100-0 all time.

#8 Oklahoma State won by 3 in a great game over #9 Tennessee. This was by far the best game of the morning. It came down to an Eaton basket and foul. HE HAS TO BE A SENIOR NOW! he's been there 10 years at least!

#12 Wisconsin became the third #12 seed to advance to the second round with a overtime victory over #5 Florida State. For all of the knob slobbering ESPN does for the ACC this has been a remarkably shitty tournament for the conference.

#4 Xavier pretty much had control over #13 Portland State from start to finish and beat the Vikings comfortably.

South Bracket...

#6 Arizona State Kept up what has been a nice tournament for the Pac Ten with a win over #11 Temple today. ASU got out to a nice lead before Temple made a bit of a run but then ASU finished the game off and came out on top by 9.

#3 Syracuse beat #14 Stephen F. Austin by a score of 59-44. I have to be honest I saw none of this game but it sounds like it was a dud.

I went 10-6 Today which is not good. If I would have gone with my gut I would have been 12-4 again which is much better. Anyway the midwest is the wild bracket with seeds #10,11,12 and 13 still alive for round 2.


Louisville, Siena, Dayton, Kansas, Michigan State, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Xavier, Arizona State and Syracuse.


Wake Forest, Boston College, Utah, Utah State, Tenneseee and Florida State,

Two day total 22-10.

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