Thursday, March 19, 2009

That Why It's LC 360.

Log Cabin on CNN is going to go after Barack Obama after the commercial break. The President's crime? He joked that while he has practiced and his bowling score is up to 129 the only way he could enter a competition is if it were the Special Olympics. Log Cabin has warned that this could back fire and he will disucuss it further. Really if the man took a breath Log Cabin would warn it could back fire and take him to task. If Only the man killed thousands in an illigal war. Then LC wouldn't care.

OK I shut the door and can't hear that fool. I will concentrate on basketball.


et said...

The Special Olympics comment was a stumble, but I think far from catastrophic. It came across more like Obama poking fun at Leno's attempts to make him feel good about a score of 129, than anything more insidious.

These fools are really grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

Knowing how I feel about CNN I should not listen to it even for a short time. I hear it when the Contessa has it on. I am trying to get her to use the net for news. You would not think somebody her age would still believe that if it's on TV it's automatically true and if it's on the net it's false but you would be wrong.

She thinks that my hatred of CNN comes from the fact that I am farther to the left than most which there is some truth to that but I can't be the only person who shakes their head at the nonsense.

And while I call out Cooper the most, mainly because of the nonsensical belief of many that he's gay he must be Liberal, there are of course others on CNN that are as bad or worse.

Leprosy Lou, Leslie Blitzer, Campbell Brown, ETC. but another person that makes me want to throw something at the set is Dana Bash. I honestly did not know how this GOPBOT kept a job until I read she was married to John King.

Now if I could come up with a reason John King has a job... I would be on to something.

et said...

I hear you, Count. I can't abide CNN even for the short bursts that occasionally pop up on The Daily Show.

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