Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's The Media's Fault Sarah Palin Is Completely Ignorant And Doesn't Read

The difference between Obama and Palin is that Obama has been vaunted as another Lincoln, FDR, MLK Jr., Moses, Kennedy and Jesus Christ by the media, Hollywood, pop culture and political pundits for almost a year now. Sarah Palin has been brutalized by the media, Hollywood, pop culture and political pundits and been labeled everything from trailer trash to Hitler. The fact that her approval ratings have stayed so high after the beatings she has taken, says a lot. Obama's approval ratings, on the other hand, were never expected to do anything but keeping ascending up to the heights of Mt. Olympus.

Palin lost the election. Obama won!
Palin was supposed to be destroyed.
Obama was the unstoppable victor!

Now do you understand the difference?

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et said...

Riiiiight. Obama has been called everything from a Celebrity (GASP!) to a Secret Muslim, a Terrorist Sympathizer, and the Antichrist by the frothing right-wing, the creationists, the racists, the warmongers and the clowns at Fox News. And we're supposed to feel sorry for Sarah Palin? Sarah the laying-on-of-hands-pray-away-the-witches Palin? Sarah the hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars wardrobe malfunction Palin? Sarah "In-what-respect-Charlie?" Palin? Sarah abstinence-only-except-for-my-now-single-teen-mom-daughter Palin?

Yes, indeedy, that eeeevil Katie Couric forced all that, along with a laundry list of other instances of wholesale ignorance and bad ideology, on poor widdle hockey-mom Sarah with her cutthroat journalism.

As our Ralph would say, BWAH!!!

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