Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stuff It Billo

Ellen has been letting me comment on her threads again so maybe the ice is thawing a bit but I wanted to to comment on this particular thread here.

"One night after his vengeful attack on a young blogger, Amanda Terkel, of Think Progress, Bill O'Reilly read several pieces of (favorable) mail about the incident. Without offering any proof beyond his say-so, O'Reilly contended Terkel had conspired with NBC to harm rape victims from the "evidence" of one blog post in which she had questioned O'Reilly's suitability as a speaker at a rape-victim fundraiser. Other than the fact that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann had picked up on the story (as did other blogs, including ours), we never found out how O'Reilly "knew" they had colluded. But when asked by one viewer, why the "far left and NBC" had attacked the charity (which they had not), O'Reilly came up with the novel - and self-aggrandizing - explanation that it was because he "destroyed NBC's cable operations in prime time." With video."

Call me a conspiracy nut but would Fox news be beyond paying their employees to write said emails? Billo might be writing them himself. We know that Fox has employees that go around from blog to blog to disrupt and defend anybody who dare speak the truth about what they are doing. CoughDamailCough.

Well this certainly isn't a big time blog but if saying that the "It Happened to Alexa Foundation" has destroyed any credibility it had with me is attacking the charity than so be it. Of course I am all for calling out Billo for his rampant hypocrisy but the It Happened to Alexa Foundation knew about Billo's previous statements and stances towards rape victims and STILL went ahead with him as a guest speaker. This tells me the It Happened to Alexa Foundation Cares about as much for Alexa and other rape victims as Billo does. Which is they don't care at all.

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