Saturday, March 21, 2009

Open Thread

I only saw parts of the first three basketball games today and they all sucked ass. Sounds like tonight there was a couple of good games. Anyway tonight was too lovely to sit and watch basketball for a third straight days plus I had tickets to see Bill Cosby tonight. Now Bill has his share of critics these days and his share of new fans and it's my opinion that one group misses the boat at least somewhat and the other group entirely.

Growing up Mr. Cosby was somebody that was very influential to me. Since I saw his movie Bill Cosby himself I wanted to do what he did. And thankfully for a short period in my life I got to do it. And was good enough at it, as I often joke, to be able to provide for myself 3 square meals a month. It's not that I was bad at it per se it was that I didn't have the drive to create the luck that makes one a success in the business. Also With the man being 71 years old my chances of seeing him live were dwindling. The man is still magnificent enough at his craft that for 2 hours he made me forget just how tough that profession is and actually made me think of giving it another go. Thankfully in the war waged between my brain and my stomach my stomach prevailed.

Now at the risk of blowing any cool I have ever had...which is none to begin with ...I prefer comedians like Bill Cosby who do their craft with a minimum of swear words. YES I know that on all my blogs and Live Journal I use Obscenities as a comedic device. Check out my editorial Theodore Olson Cocksucker as a reference. I did somewhat in my short happy life in stand up. But if I had my druthers I still would rather listen to comedians like Cosby most of the time. Don't get me wrong I find comedians like Chris Rock Marvelously funny as well It depends on the mood I guess.

So getting back to Bill Cosby's new friends and critics and let me just say there is much of the man's actions in the past few years that deserve criticism so I am not going to address the critics. I want to address the white folks who often show up on internet message boards often posing as Black Conservatives to claim Mr. Cosby as one of their own. Yes I am calling out tools like former liberal or whatever the fuck he called himself on NH off topic. Mainly Because Bill Cosby is not a conservative. what prove is there of such a statement? I know for a fact his voting record doesn't suggest he's a Conservative . Not that any of this matters of course. What matters to me is the man was very influential on a segment of my life and I am glad I got to see him.

Shame he didn't bring Pudding pops though.

Bill Cosby Is Still A Very Funny Fellow...Right!


Jonathan said...

I had a choice this weekend: watch Race to Witch Mountain or see Watchmen for the third time. I chose Witch Mountain and at one point, I thought to myself, 'maybe I should have paid to see Watchmen again. At least I'd be entertained.'

Anonymous said...

As a Kid Jonathan, I though Escape to Witch Mountain was a great movie. Now it's been probably 25 years at least since I saw it and I have no desire to see the remake.

By the way for those that didn't know the quote in the blog title came from The Rock. FYI.

Anonymous said...

I wanna thank Ellen. Over on my other blog...

Diana (co-blogger)and I are going to give out the "testy" award for the weeks Biggest asshole. Without giving way just yet who I am going to give my award to I can say he is both the subject of Ellen's latest Newshounds entry and an off topic entry by Anisha.

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