Monday, March 9, 2009

Are you f^*ing serious?!

Where the f@$k have you been for the last eight years, Mark Noonan??? Here's Mark bashing Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for goofing up on the 'reset' button presented as a gift to Russain Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Do keep in mind that I consider Hillary one of the few adults in the Obama Administration - but being as she is a liberal Democrat and the SecState of the first socialist President of the United States of America, its a natural that sheer idiocy will become national policy.

This is coming from the mouth of a die-hard supporter of a president who's 'brilliant' idea of diplomacy was playing Cowboys and Indians with young men and women in the Armed Forces in Iraq????


Anonymous said...

The ODS is rampant.

godzilla104 said...

Count Istvan said...
The ODS is rampant.

March 9, 2009 2:41 PM

I'm thinking this much derangement is brought on by some kind of sexually transmitted disease.

Yeah, you'd have to be pretty fucking desperate to have sex with one of those losers on blogs for victory, but seeing as they deal in desperation...

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to report his website to the FBI for allowing posts that encourage, posit and suggest the viloent over-through of the government. I cannot suggest it because I have been banned from his website and I do not want to email him under his contact page. However, nothing (outside of sex and eating!) would give me more pleasure than to have Mark, Matt, JS, Former Marine and Jeremiah get a knock on their collective doors from law enforcement!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 questions.

1. Do you believe that any of them would actually do anything? They strike me as being the kind who talk tough behind a keyboard but would shit their drawers if they ever actually had to fight for their beliefs.

2. Do you honestly believe former Marine has ever been a Marine? It sounds as if you have some experience on their site and I am just interested in opinions on that crew.

Anonymous said...

Hey Count! I appreciate your questions. Yes, I have been following that blog since it was called Blogs For Bush. I think I hold the record for being banned from there and try as i might, I cannot unban myself. Any suggestions? I have even thought of buying a hide your isp program just so I can get back on. If you pay any attention to what goes on there, you will notice that there is only a handful of people who are regulars. The language skills and thought process on display make the cast of Deliverence look like Rhodes scholars which, btw, they disdain en mass. I agree that Marine is no Marine or ever was. In one post he claimed to have been an elected official of some sort. JS is just as bad and Jeremiah, well what can one say. He admitted to having some sort of chemical imbalance which explains his Taliban like views. It irks me no end that this Mark Noonan fellow constantly refers to non "conservative" extremists as "our" liberals, etc. Or how he offers up advise on what "we" as a country should do. As if he has a pipeline to the Pentagon, Congress or The White House. I also do not like the fact that he claims he will not tolerate the overt racisim and name calling that goes on there on a daily basis. But the reason that I have considered contacting the FBI is twofold: one, to fuck with them and two, because of the repeated posts that talk about the violent overthrough of the government.
I would appreciate your input and any suggestions you might have on how I can get unbaned. Or maybe you'd like to be a partner in arms in responding to the crap that is posted there.
BTW, I live in KC.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your responses. :)

I don't know if you know who Ralph is but he's a crazy dude with a Hillary fetish who runs a blog called Americaphile and he's "Called" the FBI on me twice. Obviously I am still here. I would hate to stoop to that level of threats unless they say something that really warrants attention like say Glenn Beck does most nights at Fox.

I am glad I am not the only person who doesn't believe for a minute that Former Marine was ever a Marine. I think it's nothing more than a fantasy of his.

Jonathan, my partner in crime is the person who monitors the madness of BFV and he does a magnificent job. Cray though they may be they have a right to their share of the blogisphere just as we have a right to shake our heads and laugh at the nonsense they post. As for how to post their again...maybe try posting with a different name. I see they have comment moderation now so anybody who doesn't agree with them will likely not get posted anyway. I use to post as God from time to time to fluster Jeremiah. I am probably Banned or couldn't get posted myself but it's really not a bad thing.

If that doesn't work of course when Jonathan puts up another great update on their nonsense you can always post your thoughts here.

Thank you for your answers.

Anonymous said...

I can't post under another name (I have tried) because they ban my isp.
Any other suggestions? I am seriously considering buying a hide my isp program. ANy that you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Not my area of expertize. :)I guess I am not so sure why being banned from there is such a bad thing. but that's me.

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