Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness Day 1 Recap

My Pick in bold

Starting In The West...

#1. Connecticut Skullfucked poor #16.Chattanooga 103-47. being a 1-16 game you expect an ass kicking but you really hope the games aren't THIS bad. The other 16-1 game today wasn't much better. UCONN Coach Jim Calhoun missed the game because of dehydration.

#9. Texas A&M beat #8. BYU pretty easily. Why this game was made I have no idea. Not that these teams didn't belong in the tournament but the same 2 teams in the same seeds played each other last year. Same Results too. Go figure.

#5. Purdue got off to a big lead early against #12 Northern Iowa then had to hold on for a tight win. The game was about what you would expect. Northern Iowa proved the committee right for not choosing another MVC Team And Purdue about bored everybody to death with their Big Ten grind it out style.

#4 Washington beat #12 Mississippi State rather easily in the Oprah game that almost nobody saw. Cause we saw Oprah instead. I watch some of this on the net and Obviously since I picked the upset was surprised not so much that Washington won...but that they won so easily.

#10 Maryland beat #7 cal in one of the better games of the afternoon. a 10 beating a 7 is almost never an upset and this one especially didn't fall in to that category. Most people picked Maryland.

#2 Memphis got the shit scared out of it by #15 Cal State Northridge before pulling away late. Memphis needed a huge game from one Roburt Salie. The Roburt Salie that enrolled at Nebraska only to be ruled ineligible on an ignorant technicality. If Salie's 35 points today made my fellow Nebraska fans feel bad they can take solace in the fact that until today he averaged 4 points a game.

East region...

#6 UCLA lead the entire way and then had to hold on over # 11 VCU. VCU was a trendy pick if like me you were wrong here well so was the President. UCLA had the lead through out but lead only by one when VCU missed a potential game winning shot at the buzzer.

#3 Villanova playing at home trailed #14 American by 10 at halftime and 14 in the second half but dominated from there on in to pull out a 13 point victory. Why exactly Villanova get's the luxury of playing at home the first two games I am not quite sure.

#7 Texas started slow but eventually pulled away from #10 Minnesota by getting the slow plodding Gophers to play in an uptempo fast pace game which most big ten teams can not do.

#2 Duke broke away from #15 Binghamton in the second half. Now we will see if they can beat Texas and advance to the second round for the first time in 4 years.

South Region...

#1 North Carolina didn't miss and didn't need PG Ty lawson in their blowout of #16 Radford. This and the UCONN Game made one wish the NCAA tournament had a mercy rule.

#8 LSU got off to a fast start and then held on for a 5 point win over #9 Butler in one of the better games of the morning. Despite being the higher seed and a slight favorite this game was a very small upset to many people.

#12 Western Kentucky got off to a big lead and held on to beat #5 Illinois by 5. They also became the only double digit seed to win a game today after many played well for 30 or 35 minutes. Western Kentucky also seemed to run out of steam but had enough cushion. to hold off Illinois. This was the biggest upset of the day and I am not sure it qualifies as much of an upset really.

#4 Gonzaga started slow but eventually pulled away for a healthy victory over #13 Akron. it was the first tournament win for the once trendy Zags in 3 years.

#7 Clemson fell to #10 Michigan in a tight game. The game was in the 50's where Michigan wanted it and Michigan held off a Clemson rally in the last minute. Again the higher seed won but this was no upset.

#2 Oklahoma blew out #15 Morgan State as expected. The only excitement the game contained is when a Morgan State player back flipped Blake Griffin and got ejected.

Today's record 12-4.

UCONN, A&M, Purdue, Maryland, Memphis, Villanova, Texas, Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Michigan Oklahoma.

Mississippi State, VCU, Butler, Illinois.

EDIT. This is why The Count Should not write when he is tired. OBVIOUSLY 10 is a double digit and both Maryland and Michigan won as 10 seeds. So obviously Western Kentucky was not as written the only double digit seed to win Yesterday.

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