Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Open Thread

So The Celtics and Cornhuskers are playing tonight and both teams need Wins in the worst way. Tonight is senior night for Nebraska and it would be tragic for these guys to not go out in their last home game with a win.

It's No secret Nebraska doesn't have the best the talent in the Big XII and they have no height at all often playing with their tallest player at 6'5" but they have played balls out all year. Unfortunately I think the gas tank has hit E. They have lost 3 games in a row despite their almost superhuman effort at times. They need to beat ISU tonight.

Boston plays The Nets at Jersey hopefully they start getting their shit together as well.

Should be a fun night... I hope!

The Seniors go out Winners at home! Nebraska 77 Iowa State 61.

Celtics win 115-111 :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know who this bitch CNN has on right now but she just said that the Left acts offended when people question their hatred of the most affluent among us. And you wonder why I call these people whores? This witch was one of Rush's BJ pals.

theroachman said...

I seen that too.

She also said all over the blogsphere there were crazy left wingers mad that Rush pointed to the truth about the Socialist agenda of Obama. No links or examples did she have to give. And people wonder why cable news sucks so bad?

theroachman said...

I wanted it to be a call in show so someone could call in to speak with her and say

Polly wanna craker?

Anonymous said...

Roach: Chris Mortenson on ESPN is saying the Raiders are one of the only teams that might want Terrell Owens. Well...He can't bring them down.

theroachman said...

Sad sad sad

But then the raiders QB would have someone who could catch his throws. That was the Raiders main problem this season. Could be an ok thing to save TO's career. Worked for Moss!

Plus the Raiders may not have a proven coach but the team it self is better then the what the critics are going to print. They only really need someone in charge that is not insane! And things could turn around really fast.

But the insane one hurts a lot

Jonathan said...

I've got tickets to watch Watchmen at midnight tonight!

The graphic novel ruled on so many levels....

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