Monday, March 2, 2009

If 538 Has A Better Class of Loser Than Newshounds...

Then Youtube has it beat all to hell. Seriously for all the greatness of YouTube many of the people who leave comments are well...just read for yourself...

I want Obama to fail. Because when Obama fails, socialism fails...and when socialism fails, America remains a great nation. If you want Obama to succeed, you hate America. Socialism has never worked and it never will. History has proved that! The human race obviously doesn't learn from it's mistakes.

It's disgusting watching ignorant masses of uneducated bums fawn over this this man as if he has a solution, or something different. Maybe they just want their hand-out....I dont' know.

hlyfire (4 hours ago) Show Hide

I read a lot of comments on here about conservatives "not getting" what liberal media has to say....honestly, what is there to get???

Socialism is very easy to understand: Take money from those who achieve and earn it and give it to the losers and screw-ups who won't work. Selfishness is not a conservative's a liberal trait!

Selfish people take what is not rightfully theirs! Conservatives just want people to keep what they work for...that's SELF-INTEREST!

Conservatives also proudly support lunatic drug addicts.

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