Monday, March 30, 2009

Damial Doesn't Read My Blogs Or Twitter Page

CNN did a lot of coverage this past week about the drug wars going on in Mexico. Anderson Cooper and Larry King both did special shows on the subject. So go ahead, tell everybody that Anderson and Larry hate Mexicans.

Hypocrisy reigns once again. I see CNN and Fox are still using each others talking points.

Just one question. While Cooper is on the border interviewing cartel members how much $ is he spending on his own personal stash?

Anderson Cooper is down on the border. braving the drug War from his 5 star hotel plaza. PENDEJO!

Anderson Cooper is shocked that Mexican drug cartels are recruiting Teens. Who does he think American gangs recruit? Octogenarians?

From My blogs and LJ...

Anderson Cooper is a complete waste of a zygote. Maybe we could use his stem cells for research. He is shocked...shocked God Dammit that Mexican drug cartels are recruiting Teenagers to help them do their dirty work and thinks you will be too. As opposed I guess to American gangs whom according to Planet Cooper must be recruiting 82 year old Grandmas. Oh to be the sperm of Gloria Vanderbilt and come off like you have a clue of the real world. Cooper has none. And staying in a $1000 motel in a New Orleans suburb for 3 months while you pimp the misery of others for career gain doesn't give you a clue. Neither did his pathetic 24 hours on a Chicago street which was actually 2...the other 22 hours were spent I am sure at a 5 star posh hotel.
So Tonight CNN was ragging on it's usual Bogeyman Mexico talking about how students going down there for spring break should all be scared because dammit they will be kidnapped and killed by Mexican drug cartels and as an example they talked about some resort town outside of Tijuana. And Of course during CNN's whole fear Mexico piece they never mentioned once that Mexico's problem is the United States. It's Americans who are buying and consuming the drugs, It's Americans who the drug cartels are fighting over, it's Americans who are supplying the guns to keep the Cartels going. CNN did mention that the town hasn't had a murder yet this year or a murdered tourist in the past year. So why should we be afraid again? Yes Tijuana and Juarez are dangerous right now and you should be very craeful going there but so are Detroit and Philadelphia. Unless you are getting involved in the drug trade you odds are will NOT get kidnapped on your next visit to Cancun to blow off a little steam.

The funniest part of the whole Mexican hit piece was when the idiot reporter asked the idiot Mayor of the town what would stop anybody from shooting them as they walked down a street downtown. The Mayor seemed to be so awestruck by the ignorance of the question he didn't give the three part easy answer.

A. What's to stop that from happening in say...Dallas?
B. Because we aren't taking part in a drug deal
C. because you have a 200 camera men and toadies following you all of whom would make a witness.

Now it's no secret CNN sucks and Mexico has violence issues but for their amazingly piss poor Mexican violence on poor spring break victims hit piece I say...

CNN! Suck My Left Nut!

Yeah you're right Damail. None of us have been calling out CNN. Though you she does make a good point. Inadvertently natch. Scratch CNN you'll find Fox.


theroachman said...

It is like this guy, girl or girly man does not understand that Newshounds reports on Fox News not the others.

If he actually watch CNN he would know the biggist hater of non-whites in the US is Lou Dobbs. The guy is a major zenophobe.

Of course Lou's illegal before marrage mexican born wife gets a free pass.

et said...

You probably could have stopped after "Damail doesn't read."

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