Friday, March 20, 2009

NY Times The Complete Front Pages.

Finally got this is in the mail and I am excited to look into it. NO the complete 54,267 front Pages ARE NOT included in the book though it comes with 3 CD ROMS that do contain each front page. On Amazon people are complaining that book doesn't contain every front page itself and it's too big at the same time. Call me crazy but if it contained all 54,000+ front pages wouldn't it really be too big? I also find it funny that people are complaining of the small print the papers in the book. Again call me crazy but I believe one is not really suppose to actually read each front page word for word. Though with the CD ROM one could do just that with all except the earliest pages which ARE difficult to read.

Anyway this looks pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

Note to the Omaha World Herald. A book like this with front pages to the sports sections from every Nebraska football game after 1962 would be a huge seller.

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