Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What In The Blue Hell Was That?

Well Nebraska's Big XII Tournament Is Over Already. Baylor 65 Nebraska 49. Last Saturday Nebraska beat Baylor 66-62 in Waco and seeing as how they didn't play very well then and STILL won at Baylor I was sure they were going to win today...yeah! This team just doesn't have the talent. When it plays out of it's mind which it has most f the year they can compete and they can win. When it has an off day it loses to Maryland Baltimore County and throws up shit bombs like this. Well on to the Not Invited Tournament. Still love this team anyway.


theroachman said...

I see Baylor took a huge step towards making the NCAA Torney!

Anonymous said...

Baylor has to win out to go to the NCAA tourney. They may have played themselves into the NIT

Anonymous said...

Baylor lives. 66-60 to Texas.

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