Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Has Nothing To Do With Anything...

I was just watching The Flintstones On Boomerang and the episode was Rip Van Flintstone where Fred falls asleep at the company picnic and sleeps for over 20 years. He awakes to discover Barney is a millionaire and as he is walking through Barney's mansion they very clearly pass a painting of a nude woman. Just to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me I consulted the Internet...


I love the Flintstones. I've watched them ever since they first hit the airwaves. I got this set and celebrated with my son. We loved them. It would have 5 stars but for one small detail.
The one small detail is one that I was not aware of when I purchased them. In episode 8 "Rip Van Flintstone", there are two female nude paintings displayed on the walls of Barney Rubbles Mansion. When Fred first enters the house and passes the butler, note the painting to the butler's left. That is a nude woman. Then, when Fred and Barney pass through the doorway, there is another nude woman on the left wall.

Now I only saw one but I don't doubt there's 2. it's funny I have seen the episode countless times and just noticed. Now keep in mind the Flintstones was a prime time show geared towards adults and we know that Fred Smoked Winstons. Still it's a show associated with kids and it would be interesting to see what kind of rucus such a scene, quick and Innocent though it was, would cause today.

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et said...

There's an incredible strain of prudery in American culture overall. I saw it pretty clearly when my family traveled abroad in the company of my best friend (who was slated to adopt a girl from China the following year, so we wanted to make sure she knew the ins-and-outs of Customs, etc. before that trip) to the UK and Rome.

Visiting my SiL's home in Nottingham, her eldest - who is learning-disabled but a guy with a heart of gold, now engaged - had overindulged himself at the pub the previous night, and my SiL said to him, jovially, "Well, you'll know better the next time, won't you?" My friend was absolutely aghast and ashen that my SiL would take it so apparently casually and not throw the book at him.

I think of that kind of the same way that I think of John Ashcroft draping marble statues that had been perfectly acceptable representations of "Justice" until some guy with a fetish against the sculptural depiction of the human body was appointed.

It's not what you see or do, it's how you think of it.

And I'm with you, Count. WTF happened between the Flintstones and American Idol that changed our psyche so much for the Puritan?

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