Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wait Does This Mean No Wedding?

People says it's splitsville for Bristol and Levi

Bristol Palin and her fiancé Levi Johnston have broken up, two sources tell PEOPLE.

The split happened "a few weeks ago," according to a source close to the couple, but it's unclear what precipitated it. "It was a mutual thing," adds the source.

Bristol, the 18-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, spoke with FOX News in February and told Greta Van Susteren that she and Levi – who are parents to 2-month-old son, Tripp – expected to get married after they completed high school.

"It kind of just happened," says the source, referring to the split. "I thought they would stick it out. But I think they can work together to raise Tripp."

"I'm not sure what caused [them to break up] – it's common knowledge," says another source who knows the family.


theroachman said...

I know there is going to be a large number of people who say we must get poor little Bristal out of the lime light. She will be gone soon enouph. But with her little piece on Teen Abstince Ed being stupid is going to keep her there for some time to come.

Sorry but people need to blame her mom. In this case it really is her fault.

Count Istvan said...

Sorry but people need to blame her mom. In this case it really is her fault.

Could not agree more and hypocrisy of the family is why I'll keep bringing it up if I see fit. Sara sure trots her kids out when it helps Sara.

et said...

Let's have a warm round of applause for the Party Of Family Values, ladies and gentlemen! Abstinence-only education (a failed proposition from the get-go) and no freedom of choice for all YOUR kids, but a compassionate, understanding embrace of teen pregnancy and now single motherhood for OURS.

Sorry, I need to go put on some galoshes before sloshing out into the hypocrisy, it's coming down that fast.

That said - both cynically and with some measure of validity - I really feel sorry for the Palin children/grandchildren and the way they're all being used as stage props whenever it's convenient. Hel-LO, Caribou Barbie: it's a baby, not a bunch of daisies or a pie chart!

Along a parallel line, did anyone else here see Meghan McCain interviewed tonight by Rachel Maddow? So Meghan is calling Ann Coulter what she is...well and good as far as it goes...but listening to her I kept hearing things remarkably similar to Miss Teen USA South Carolina blathering about "U.S. Americans, such as, who don't have maps."

If she's the face of tomorrow's Republicans, we on the leftward half of the political spectrum don't have much to worry about. There seems to be very little "there" there.

P.S. - Not that we should get complacent or anything. But it's like a game of limbo: how looooow can you goooooo?

Stan Black said...

I'm all broken up inside about the split. I almost took the day off of work yesterday to mourn.

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