Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Newshounds Old Troll Wants Anwsers...

Uber St. Croix who last week changed his name again from Bill to John wants answers on why I still insist he is a troll. Of course I have posted it several times. And I will again. Seriously How much can you believe somebody who dependng on wat day it is is an American living in Canada or a Canadian living in America or is living in St. Croix.

Next he'll ask me to repost the posts he left here the night he got smashed and tried to argue Murder was acceptable.

He's going around from thread to thread standing up for Ranger Bob. Mostly because with Bob's obvious trolling he can continue to play his games.

Not allowing comments on this thread.

UH Update:

He just sent me a PM...


I suggest you tell everyone the truth or I might have to tell them about the great time you and I had when we finally met last year. I know you probably won't mind but I think that should be kept secret between you and me.

I have never met the crazy son of a bitch in my life.

He's Snapped! Another PM he just sent to me:

Hi buddy,

I know you want to tell the truth about me not being a troll.
I also know that you don't want anyone to know about what happened when we met and discovered we had lots in common. :) God, what a time!
I could never tell anyone other than my wife. Of course she knows about this. How could I hide it from her?
And I will never show your email to me!

You are still "single" aren't you?
You haven't met another guy?
I'm so happy that my wife is okay with this.
I'm sure if she met you she would like you.
Bye for now.


'm sorry.
Don't do this.
I didn't realize you would do this to me.
I won't show any one.
I will always have your email though.
No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expediency.

Theodore Roosevelt

Posted by: nipigon1 on Tue 1.12 2:08am

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