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Jeremiah Rings In the New Year with a Two-Fer!

Not to be caught flat-footed in a new year, Jer serves up a two-fer of suspicion and paranoia. You guessed it – the twin bogeymen of health care and atheism are in his sights.

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A Quick Thought On The Democrats "Healthcare" Plan

Some contention is being made by Democrats like Nancy Pelosi that in all past Congressional deliberations on "healthcare" reform they have been open with the public about their intentions. Have they? No, not true. Most or all of their meetings have been behind closed doors. This will probably come as a shock to many, as many thought that they could trust Mr. Obama when he promised a "new age of transparency" in our government.
Whereas Jer’s sainted GOP legislators of the Bush heyday wouldn’t even allow their opposition to hold hearings on certain issues, refusing to allocate them a meeting room and turning out the lights on them into the bargain! Ah, those good old days of civility and transparency…

Make no mistake, friends, Obama has no intentions whatsoever to be transparent with anybody about his fascist like intentions. It's how they foist their fascism on the populace, the God-fearing, hard-working, taxpaying, patriotic citizenry. It's the road to a classless society that Karl Marx so adamantly advocated for, with freedom being only at the top, in Washington D.C.
Foist? In the words of Inigo Montoya, “I do not think it means what you think it means.” In order to be in a position like the Presidency, you have to obtain that office through a mandate FROM the populace. (Or perhaps Jer thinks the election was rigged? I’ve not heard that refrain from him yet, but any wingnuttery is possible given the source.) And funny how just about every piece of polling of that populace shows overwhelming support for reforming health care, even suggesting that this Congress isn’t doing enough.

I guess Jer wants the freedom to be ill. And only wishes the same for his neighbors. Classy.

Democrats say they are preparing to finish their "healthcare" reform bill, but not before bypassing conference committee, which is used to work out differences in forthcoming bills with such issues as abortion, tax proposals, and earmarks. Instead, liberals want to remain in control of these issues, as they feel they can't afford to allow healthy unborn babies to live. Sick, isn't it?
OK, Democracy 101. Conference committees are used to work out ALL KINDS of differences between House and Senate versions of legislation, not just on Jer’s hot-button issues. And there is not a shred of evidence for the “can't afford to allow healthy unborn babies to live” nonsense other than what Jer hears from the voices in his head. Maybe that’s where he’s getting the quotation marks he keeps putting around the phrase “healthcare.” Own up. Do you honestly think it’s a good thing that so many of your friends (if any) and neighbors have no health care options available to them other than the ER and catastrophic debt? Whatever happened to the "whatever you do unto the least of these, you have done unto me?" Missed out on that reference, did you?

Well, they still can't go forward without the sixty votes necessary to cross Obama's desk, and it doesn't appear as if that's going to happen, as many on the Democrats [sic.] side are jumping ship.
Ain’t over until it’s over, Jer. You might just be surprised. (Also, learn how to use apostrophes to signal the possessive, will ya? Damned annoying.)

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Schools Agree to End Bible Distribution

LEBANON, TN - Public school officials in Wilson County, Tennessee, have agreed to stop distributing Bibles to students during the school day on school grounds. The settlement comes after the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue the district.

The ACLU said in a news release that a fifth-grade student was taken into the gym with her classmates and that the principal introduced the children to representatives of The Gideons International.

The release says the girl's teacher then called each row of students forward to receive a Bible and told them taking a Bible was not mandatory, but the girl took one because she feared being ostracized.
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Entirely unsurprising, considering the nature of the ACLU, which claims to be a bastion for "the liberties of all."
Of course, what the ACLU actually says about religion and schools is: “Children's religious education should be directed primarily by parents, families, and religious communities — not the public schools. The ACLU defends students' free speech rights in the public schools and defends students' rights to pray in the schools. Additionally, whenever a teacher allows children to choose their own topics for an assignment (such as which book to read or which topic to study for a presentation), students may choose religious themes — and the ACLU has protected their right to do so.”

They’ve even advocated for one high school’s right to protest the ACLU itself over an issue of sectarian prayer at a football game.

If that ain’t “the liberties of all” I don’t know what is.

What needed to be explained to the girl, was that she didn't need to feel "left out," but that she needed God's Word when she felt down-and-out, as indeed, there are times when we feel like this. Not only do we need God during the dark and stressful periods of our lives, but we need Him through the good times, as well, as He is the reason for our blessing, while most of our rough periods are a result of our own doing by being persuaded to temptation. When we're not accepted by others, God is always there for us to comfort and protect us in the darkest of times.
Which would be – ahem! – proselytization in the public school setting, Jeremiah. Thump your Bible as long and insistently as you please in your church, your Bible study sessions, your parochial school. But dragging it into the general discourse of public school is just as offensive as if copies of the Torah or Koran or Kabbalah were being handed out willy-nilly, with the same social pressure to comply applied. Read the ACLU statement again. “Parents, families, and religious communities” should lead in this area of a child's life. Do you have so little confidence in those groups – of which I assume you constitute a part – and their ability to get their point across successfully, that you can’t be satisfied without insisting upon entire school districts pushing YOUR preferred message? Weak, Jer, very weak.

What's strange is that this one little girl would be used as justification for the entire school to stop participating in a worthy program for the students.
No. It’s called protecting the rights of the minority. Which you seem to be all FOR whenever you believe that Christians or activists for causes you believe in are being unfairly targeted by some monolithic entity hell-bent on “foisting” one point of view over another. As in, gee, maybe your other dissected post, immediately above? Pot, kettle, meet Jeremiah. He knows you both well, it seems.

It is my contention that the girl has never had the opportunity to hear about God's Word until now due to her parents who had their schooling in a college that taught them atheism, and they incorporated this into raising their children. Then the ACLU jumped right on it.
Sorry, Jer. First of all, when you posit circumstances on which you have no data – i.e., the child’s parents’ education and imagined biases therein – and use that speculation to reinforce your preferred scenario, it’s called PROJECTION. Second, even if you were to happen to be correct, that this child is being raised an atheist, guess what? That’s up to her parents. Not to you, some anonymous, egotistical blogger brimming with sham piety and read by practically nobody but those of us who enjoy deconstructing you for our own amusement. Just as Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Pagan and even Christian parents are entitled to raise their kids as they see fit. You don’t figure in that equation, and you never have and never will. No matter what you would like other people to believe. You want to make the rules, have your own kids.

Er...on second thought, don’t.

Again, no surprise, the ACLU is an atheist organization, doing what it does best, and that is destroy the freedoms of those of faith, and everything they can to eliminate God from every aspect of our institutions, especially where we need Him the most, in our institutions of education-where the future is made.
Again, see the link above. They’re in it for everyone’s freedom, Jeremiah – that’s your problem. You only want people to have the freedom to share what YOU believe and espouse, not the freedom to think and choose for themselves. And you’re so threatened by anyone who proclaims that broader freedom, you insist that every institution in the world MUST incorporate your dogma.

Are you afraid it’s too weak to stand on its own merits unless it’s woven into every law of the land, every agency, every waking moment?

It’s a poor faith that demands a bureaucracy to hold it up, Jeremiah. But one thing I can see…you’re well on the way to another year filled with paranoia and a victimization complex that knows no end. Looking forward to the entertainment value that will provide...

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Anonymous said...

I have said this before the biggest myth in the world is that Cons like Jerry see the world as black and white they don't they see the world as black.

Everything is against them. Everybody gets a fair shake but them. Everybody gets help but them.

Here's the funny thing. They walk around this earth with kick me signs on their backs. They believe they should be shit on. That's where there supposed hatred for Government comes in.

I would love to study the Conservative brain someday to see what makes it tick. Why they think the way they do. But I haven't the time nor the patience.

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