Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hasselbeck's To Switch Job's For A Day.

Remember the old sitcoms would always have an episode where the man would say the wife doesn't do anything and then the wife would say ha you couldn't handle my schedule and then they would switch roles for a day to comic results?

Well It's the Hasselbeck's world and we are just suffering in it. Ditz...err Liz Hasselbeck will be on NFL live and other ESPN programing and Tim will be regaling us with the tales from his 19 minute NFL Career on the view

Per Awful Announcing

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning co-host of ABC’s “The View,” and her husband, ESPN NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck, are changing jobs – for one day.

Elisabeth will spend the afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 19 on the ESPN
campus in Bristol, Conn., where she will appear in Tim’s place on ESPN programs, including NFL Live (4 p.m. ET), to discuss the NFL playoffs and other sports topics.

Tim will complete the job swap Thursday, Jan. 28, at the ABC studios in New York, where he will occupy Elisabeth’s seat on “The View” (11 a.m., ABC) alongside co-hosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters. The former NFL quarterback will share his perspective and match wits with the all-female panel as they discuss the latest news, celebrity gossip and events of the day.

“We think fun and sports should go together, and the job swap will be fun for our viewers and for fans of ‘The View’ who will get the chance to see and hear from Elisabeth and Tim in completely different settings,” said ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman, who oversees NFL Live.

“So many times we ask, ‘How did work go today?’ ” said Elisabeth. “Undoubtedly we will be finding out the hard way as we switch jobs. The question then will be, ‘What have we gotten ourselves into?’ "

Added Tim: “Hopefully I can pull this off because I see her preparation on a regular basis each week – reading, and watching cable news shows, other television programs and upcoming movies. I will enjoy this because I know they will have fun with me at ‘The View’ and, of course, when I get back to work at ESPN. I’m sure I’ll have a greater appreciation for what she does on a day-in and day-out basis.”


Now the view I don't care about because I don't watch but ESPN sure picked a swell time to put Lizzy on NFL live huh? I mean it's just playoff time and all.


Jonathan said...

Why the hell are they doing this?

Anonymous said...

Because they're ESPN and they have a virtual monopoly on sports programing.

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