Friday, January 1, 2010

Week 17 in the NFL: Loose Ends Edition

On the NFC side we know that the Saints will have home-field advantage thought the playoffs. We know that the Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings, Packers, and Cardinals will be in the postseason. All that's left is which teams get which seed. The game to look for on Sunday is the NFC East, winner-take-all contest between Philadelphia and Dallas. Other games to look for are Minnesota vs. the woeful Giants and Arizona vs. Green Bay.

The AFC is still complicated. Although the Colts and Chargers have wrapped up first-round byes and the Bengals and Patriots have won their respective divisions, the issue returns to the Wild Card. Seven teams (Steelers, Dolphins, Broncos, Texans, Jets, Ravens, and Jaguars) are all competing for two more spots. Here are the list of possible scenarios for each of the seven teams to get in, as mapped out by Yahoo sports. The most simple one is the following: The Jets and Ravens win, they're in, and everyone else can sit on their asses and wait til next season.

Here are my predictions for the big match-ups in the season finale of 2009 regular season of the NFL(predicted winners are in bold):

Giants vs. Vikings - Minnesota is in disarray, as if Monday Night's overtime loss to the Bears wasn't enough of a wake up call. Brad Childress and Brett Farve aren't getting along, with each side trying to control the Offensive plays. Did I mention the Secondary ha played poorly in their last three games? The good news? The New York Giants suck, and should win handily, and wrap-up the no.2 seed. The bad news? If they face either Dallas, Philadelphia, or Green Bay in the Divisional round, I don't see how they would stand a chance.Vikings.

Eagles vs. Cowboys - The game that should be on NBC's Sunday Night Football this week, but got moved thanks to Colts head coach Jim Caldwell. Two heated rivals battling for a home playoff spot in next weeks Wild Card Weekend, and maybe more. Philadelphia wins, and they capture the NFC East crown, and the no.2 seed. Dallas wins, and they would take the crown, and the no.3 seed. It'll be a great game to watch, and I expect both Tony Romo and Donnovan McNabb to perform brilliantly, but i'm giving the edge to the Cowboys. Guys like DeMarcus Ware, Igor Olshansky, and Keith Brooking will make big stops against this high-powered Eagles offense, and I think they'll be playing for atonement for last year's atrocious 44-6 beat-down. Cowboys.

Packers vs. Cardinals - It all depends on which Arizona team decides to show up. Will it be the team we saw made last year's dream run to the to Super Bowl XLIII, or will it be the team that got blown out by rival San Francisco in Week 14? Add to it, how well the Packers have been playing after starting 4-4 and marvelous performances by QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Ryan Grant, WR Donald Driver, LB Clay Matthews, and CB Charles Woodson this year, it adds up to Green Bay taking care of business on the road. Packers.

Bengals vs. Jets - In a perfect world, the Jets, along with the other six teams vying for a playoff berth, wouldn't be qualified for the very reason that the group wouldn't be able to hang with Indy, San Diego, New England and Cincy in the postseason. And going up against the league's 4th ranked in total defense with a rookie QB that makes too many mistakes, this should be a rout. Then again, San Diego made the postseason last year going 8-8 and upset Indy in overtime at home, and rookie QB Joe Flacco made it all the way to the AFC title game against the Steelers. Stranger things have happened before in this league. That, and I think Cincy rests key starters to get ready for the playoffs. Jets.

Ravens vs. Raiders - Call it Flacco's sophomoric slump, or call it sloppy, careless mistakes by the team in certain games, Baltimore is a disappointing 8-7, but they still control their destiny in the playoff picture. Going up against Oakland should be cakewalk, except for the fact that they've kicked the ass of playoff bound and competing teams such as the Bengals, Eagles, Steelers, and Broncos. I'm pulling for the Ravens, for the sole reason that I don't want to see the Donkeys or the Steelers getting in. Ravens.


Anonymous said...

I'll be stunned if the Vikings lose this week.

With another 5 College games on tomorrow I may take a break on Sunday or at the very least keep it to a minimum. Although it's bitter cold here and there is nothing else to do on Sunday really.

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Godzilla104 said...

Anyway you cut it, Anon is just a jerk off.

Jonathan said...

Uh, why the obsession with masturbation, Anon?

Anonymous said...

I see he didn't learn from yesterday.

RalphyFan said...

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Fixed, just for Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

He's mad the President is in Hawaii.

Just like he was mad when George Bush went on vacation 345 days a year.

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