Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Playoffs Thread

I don't know how Jonathan feels but I thinks these games have sucked so far sans Packers-Cardinals. I watched Nebraska-Iowa State play basketball ( don't ask me how that went) so I missed most of the first half of the Colts-Ravens game. The Ravens were out-hustled all night long. That's why so many odd bounces went against them the Colts were just out fighting them all the way. Also I thought when The Ravens did do something the officials made sure that it didn't amount to much. Though clearly the better team won.

The Saints-Cardinals game was fun for about half a quarter then it to sucked monkey balls.

I am so fired up for that Cowboys-Viqueens game tomorrow I am going to sleep through it I won't be up until it is almost over. As for the Chargers game let's hope it's a good one. I know Jonathan wants to see a beat down though.

Late Edit by Jonathan: So far, i'm 1-2 in the divisional round, and a abysmal 2-5 in predictions in the postseason. And if Tony Romo can't making anything happen in his first possession in the 2nd half, I'll probably become 2-6. I just hope the last game, Jets v. Chargers, is the pick i'm right about!

Edit From The Count:

Terrible new out of Chicago:

REENWOOD, S.C. (AP)—Gaines Adams(notes), a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears who was an all-American at Clemson, died Sunday in South Carolina, the Bears said. He was 26.

The team said Adams died Sunday morning at Self Regional Hospital. He had gone into cardiac arrest about an hour before at his family’s home in Greenwood, said Marcia Kelley-Clark, chief deputy coroner for Greenwood County.

An autopsy conducted Sunday showed Adams had an enlarged heart, Kelley-Clark said. She said the condition can often lead to a heart attack, though Adams’ relatives didn’t know of any problems.

“Nobody was aware of any kind of medical condition,” Kelley-Clark said.

Toxicology tests are being run by the State Law Enforcement Division, though drug use was not suspected as a factor in Adams’ death. However, those results probably will not be available for at least two months, Kelley-Clark said.

The 6-foot-5, 258-pound defensive end was well-known among Clemson fans for breaking up Wake Forest’s field goal try and returning it for a touchdown in 2006 to defeat the Demon Deacons.

Late Edit: Interesting 1st quarter in San Diego.
Both Defenses are performing spectacular.
Penalties are killing us, though.
Bolts must compose themselves under pressure.

Late Edit: Congrats to the Jets. Played a great game on both sides of the ball. I'm shocked. How could have this game gone so completely wrong?


et said...

All I know is that my nephew's UK team is only a couple of points off the leader in their division and looking very promising for promotion to the Premiership. VERY exciting...not to mention something that makes ET Daughter rather popular with the soccer aficionados in her grade.

But, I'm off topic. Carry on!

COwboys blow said...

cowboys need a new coach. They sucked ass today and Jerry Jones should be ashamed of himself

Jonathan said...

This game is getting too close for my taste.

Still believe the Chargers will find a way to puss this one off.

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