Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State Of The Union Address Thread

If You listen to it feel free* to comment. I have just one thing to say. I voted against John McCain because of stupid ass ideas like spending freezes.

* of course there are some people who would be just wasting their time to do so since I will erase their comments on sight.


Anonymous said...

Wow I guess the thing is tomorrow night. my bad.

Bob said...

Just Curious Count, What does it take for you to erase someone's comment on sight. Are you that insecure in your own stance that you are afraid to even allow someone with a different viewpoint to state it.

Hell, if I knew I was right about something, I'd welcome opposing opinions with open arms, just to give me an opportunity to prove how right I was.

Then again, if I knew my arguments were shaky, I guess I'd be afraid of having to publicly try to defend them too.

Anonymous said...

Well if you are some cock sucker who keeps saying you are going to leave but never does...your comments are erased on sight.

Anonymous said...

I just checked your blog you don't have to worry about opposing view points nobody posts on your blog.

Fixed. Now go away.

Anonymous said...

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