Monday, January 11, 2010

More Misinformation from Land O' Jer

Let's dissect his latest foray into passive-aggressive fearmongering:
Edging Ever Closer To Destruction

It's coming folks, and it's not long in the making, either. The Communist-in-Chief Mr. Obama and his co-communist-in-chief, Harry Reid return to Congress from a long holiday break, Reid being corrupted by a racially tinged gaffe...though, some would say that Reid was "seemingly" humbled after forcing an apology to Mr. Obama, but neither he or Obama are the slightest bit humbled. They are arrogant, boastful and proud, leading this nation down a path toward destruction. They are like ssssserpents in the grass.
So far, so typical. The usual loose collection of unsupported assertions and character assassinations, liberally (oops, there's that naughty word!) peppered throughout with the Red Menace.

Here's where it gets interesting and the debunking gets really fun:
Obama is supposedly going to bless Harry Reid with approval of his healthcare bill, thereby, blessing thousands of middle class taxpayers with a monumental increase on their yearly incomes, and increasing every year from there forward, so's you can watch your life savings slowly disappear. Make you angry? If not, it should!
Why, I'd be furious! If I thought that for one tiny instant any of it was true. Because it ain't.

The House bill increases income tax on couples earning over $1 million a year by 5.4%, and levies a 1% increase on couples earning more than $350,000 a year. Source

The Senate bill taxes "Cadillac" health care plans ($23,000+ in premiums per year for a family: or, put another way, more than double what my family was paying before we moved) and would increase the Medicare payroll tax by 0.5% (to a whopping 1.95%) on individuals earning $200,000+ or couples earning $250,000+ per year. Source

Now let's define "middle class." Using the most recent census data (2005), the median household income in the U.S. was a whopping $44,389 per year. Clearly this doesn't come anywhere close to the income earners being "monumentally" shat upon, according to Jer. In fact, the chart shows that only 1.17% of U.S. households earn $200,000 per year and up. So I guess that's how Jeremiah defines "middle" class - waaaay up there in the economic stratosphere.

But, wait, you say! The "median" is the literal mid-point of the spectrum. Wouldn't the "mean," or average, be a fairer criterion? OK, have it your way. The mean household income in 2004 was $60,528. Again, nowhere near that of the taxpayers who stand to be affected by either bill. Source

So, in short, Jer is once again dead wrong. This legislation won't cripple middle class Joe Averages. It will mildly inconvenience the investor class and rich/super-rich households, to the point that perhaps they might have to curtail their Mediterranean yacht excursions or vacations on Fantasy Island by a day or two.
Some would say our leaders are 'inept,' well, they are not inept when it comes to doing evil, but they sure are inept at doing good ... they know how to do good, they just don't have a desire to do good, because their hearts are hard like Pharaohs in Egypt were.
And, in closing, it's back to the old reliable fake-pious babbling and emotional claims backed up with zero facts, all with the Fox-News-like "some would say" strawman opener. It's a wonder that Jer even admits that Obama and his administration does actually "know how to do good." But don't worry. I'm sure that come this self-righteous prig's next post, Obama will be Beelzebub incarnate and all the Democratic Senators and Congresspeople his happy little imps.

Don't let the facts hit you in the posterior on the way out, Jeremiah!


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should make like Eharmony and hook up Jerry with Falsey Millionaire.

RalphyFan said...

They'd be quite the pair...except they'd both lie on their questionnaires, I think...

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