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Rose Bowl Real Time Thoughts

Oregon Vs Ohio State

The Referee for the Rose Bowl is Scott Novak from the Big 12 and he and his crew are TERRIBLE! No way do these officials get these gigs based on merit.

Announcers The White Skinned Storm Trooper Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit. Lisa Salters on the sidelines.

This is one of Oregon's better uniform combinations.

I picked Ohio State but I have been hedging lately. Although the Pac 10 has been awful so far this bowl season.

Ohio State making this first drive look easy.

I have to admit that TV today has been splendid. Football and Barney Miller. If you want to know what the world would be like if the Count were in charge that is pretty much it.

Touchdown but didn't he step out?

Great job picking the announcers ABC. Todd Blackledge calling the Penn State game and Kirk Herbstreit calling the Ohio State game. No conflict of interest there huh?

Ruling on the field stands. touchdown Ohio State.

Oregon has the look of a team that's about to shit their pants.

They just ran my favorite commercial. The guy whips out the credit card and takes his dad to Norway then they find out they're from Sweden so he whips out the credit card again and books tickets to Stockholm. Not once do they ever mention paying for the trips. Just whip the credit card and don't worry about it.

Oregon needed that. punt downed at the 2. This is what you questioned about Oregon would they be to hyped or just flat scared shitless.

Scott Frost the former Nebraska QB is on the Oregon coaching staff. He may need to suit up.

Ok we do not need to replay every single play. I told you these officials blow.

10-0. The White Skinned Storm Trooper wondered if Ohio State Kicker's hurt. 10-0.

WSST is starting his drunken babble.

HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE play for Oregon. they were on the verge of get Arizona'd and they broke a 37 yard run to the Ohio State 20.

Quarter Over 10-0 Ohio State

I have just one thing to say about Navy's 35-13 victory over Missouri yesterday after all of the bitching Missouri fans did about the Texas Bowl being beneath them...


Oh man do those shows look shitty. Thank You WGN for giving us the New Years gift that is Barney Miller. 10 degrees right now.

Oregon pisses away their first touchdown opportunity and now will kick a field goal. 10-3.

Contessa just asked if this was the college we saw and saw their football field. Nope That was Oregon State.

Like the Oregon Cheerleaders

Oregon is too fast for that reverse shit. Ohio State needs to be Ohio State and not do that funky reverse shit.

For the first time Oregon's defense starts to take over and out flank the Ohio State's offensive line they get a 3 and out

Great Kick Return for Oregon. Looks like they have cleaned the skid marks out of their Underoos. Now they need a TD.

That looked like Bill Callahan football from Oregon right there. Move the running back in the backfield from side to side to confuse the defense, confuse yourself and jump before the snap.

Oregon going for it on 4th and 9 and...They say first down.

Oregon gaining confidence. We knew they were faster and more athletic than Ohio State the only question was between the ears. Early on that was a problem but they are calming down.

Here comes Blunt. I wonder who he'll punch this game.

That's a touchdown. But remember this is a crew or morons.

After further review Touchdown! 10-10

Brent tries to make a bad joke. hahahahahaha! you're so funny White Skinned Storm Trooper.

Really bad face mask call on Oregon! gives Ohio State a first down on what would have been fourth down. Oregon grabbed the face mask but did not hold on. If the grab is not blatant it should not be called and that wasn't.

Clutch! Terrell Pryor with a first down toss on 3rd down. At some point I'll call him Richard Pryor or Aaron Pryor.

Doctor Dre, Gene Simmons, Julius Erving and me all throwing down The Dr. Pepper.

Now this has been a great game. fast moving ebbs and flows. Ohio State started fast, Oregon settled down now Ohio State is coming on again.

Pryor almost threw an Interception in the end zone there but it fell incomplete and Ohio State got a field goal 13-10.

That's close but I think they got it right. I would challenge this if I were Ohio State.

Well...Oregon just gave Ohio State a chance to put more points on the board. Ohio State should go for broke here. there's still time to come back and complete a pass to get in Field Goal Range,

They did but Pryor couldn't find anyone open and threw it away.

25 yard completion. Does Ohio State have a field goal kicker?

Herbstreit is right, Pryor wastes too much time.

That official standing by Oregon coach Chip Kelley is Kelley Saalfeld he played for Nebraska.

A 45 yard field goal to end the half for Ohio State... it's good.

Great half 16-10 Ohio State at Halftime.

They have got to find away to restructure these bowl games to where January is once again reserved for the best bowl games. I mean they don't have to be BCS but no way should the International Bowl or The Liberty Bowl be held in January.

OK I was on the phone with a friend. I missed a Oregon touchdown and a Ohio State field goal. Pryor had a wide receiver wide open but missed him. 19-17 Ohio State great game. May make up for the dud I expect the Orange Bowl coming on next will be.

Boy the kick return defense for both teams sucks ass.


Oregon was having another long drive Ohio State can't stop them right now but Lagerette Sp? Blunt couldn't handle a hand-off then kicked the ball up field. Nobody could get control of the ball and it went out of the back of the end-zone. instead of Oregon getting points and taking the lead back Ohio State has the ball at the 20.

Musburger and Herbstreit starting to lube Pryors nards.

Ranger Bob keeps posting nonsense about taking responsibility for Obama. This from the guy who spends his nights jerking off to his Dick Cheney posters. I keep erasing his posts he keeps posting. I have to admit the irony is comical.

Pryor returns the favor. Way under-throws a wide open receiver and the pass gets Intercepted by Oregon.

The Contessa just said what I was thinking. The Great White Storm Trooper and Herbstreit are talking about Pryor like he is the second coming then he goes out and throws a God awful pass like that.

Ranger is really getting pissed now. He left a post calling me is stupid friend which I erased. here is his last genius post which I also erased

Anonymous said...

Hmm what makes you think I am the ranger? Also what makes you think I need friends on a liberal piece of shit blogg?

Since you have not defended Obama on anything I said it appears that you agree with me.

I appreciate that! Happy new year asshole!

He's such a sweetie isn't he? How lonely do you have to be to keep posting on a blog where your posts keeping getting erased?

Well here we go it's going to the 4th Quarter and it's 19-17 Ohio State. Great Great game.

Despite only having 17 points I do not think Oregon has been stopped since the first quarter. They have themselves to blame.

Ohio State stopped them that time give them credit for manning up at mid field. I agree with a WSST this is Ohio State's kind of game.

WSST just said Terrell Pryor is closing in a Rose Bowl victory. Uh Douchebag it's 19-17 and there is 13 minutes left. A little pre-mature heh?

Sunset at Pasedena is most impressive. As much as I rip on Brent and Herby I have to admit they are worlds better than those Fox morans

Ranger just explained why he keeps posting even though I keep erasing his posts. His only other option is an Obese woman who won't give him sex. No I am not making this up. of course he calls her obese but how fat is he?

WHAT A CATCH! Pryor just threw it up and 86 went up and pulled it in! Then on the next play Pryor threw an easy screen pass and it was dropped. GREAT CATCH!

Thank you Ohio State and Oregon for giving us a dandy!

Offsides on the defense?

Herbstreit says good call and he wouldn't be biased would he? doesn't matter it was a first down anyway.

Herbstreit "this is Tressell ball he won't have a problem with running the ball and kicking another field goal and making Oregon drive to kick another field goal" so of course on the next play Ohio State throws a Touchdown pass. They review it but it's clear. 26-17 Ohio State

Herbstreit starting to show his bias now big time, WSST babbles about how great the camera crew is.

Ohio State's kick return defense has been flat God awful.

Forget what I said about Ohio State's defense they have been fantastic in this 4th quarter.

If you have a good field goal kicker you have to kick it.

And he missed it and Oregon is in serious shit now. Bad snap but I don't know if that was that big a deal.

Man do I want to do this for the Orange Bowl? I am getting tired. Why I do not know.

We get it Thursday night Alabama will skull fuck Texas. Alabama undefeated, Texas with one loss to Nebraska...oh that's right they got an extra second to hand them the game.

Ok please try and be professional ABC. It's clear WSST and Herby want Ohio State to win but show a little professionalism.

I bet the Ohio State radio broadcast would be less biased than ABC's

And here's the Gatorade.

Great game.

Ohio State played a great game and had a great season. Oregon played very well. Been an awful Bowl season for the Pac 10 though.

This crew's Big 10 bias got a little out of hand at the end but it was a great great game.

Final Score Ohio State 26 Oregon 17

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