Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bob Asks A Question

Our good friend Suicide Bob (not to be confused with Ranger Bob) asked this question

Just Curious Count, What does it take for you to erase someone's comment on sight. Are you that insecure in your own stance that you are afraid to even allow someone with a different viewpoint to state it.

Hell, if I knew I was right about something, I'd welcome opposing opinions with open arms, just to give me an opportunity to prove how right I was.

Then again, if I knew my arguments were shaky, I guess I'd be afraid of having to publicly try to defend them too.

Of course you can look at Bob's blog and either he is erasing opposing view points or nobody is posting on his blog.


Anonymous said...

And now we learn why some people get their comments erased on sight. It could just be that I or nobody else gives a fuck about what you have to say. If I did I'd read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Will leave to the people and have a poll.

Bob said...

You want to run a poll? That's cool, but may I suggest changing the title to Shall we continue to not allow anyone to have an opposing viewpoint so we can keep our head stuck in the sand?"

Anonymous said...

Do you see your posts here? I do. You haven't said anything.

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