Sunday, January 31, 2010

A bad night to watch TV

In one corner: the 2010 Pro-Bowl. The one game out of the whole NFL season no fan of football gives a rats ass to watch. Sorry Antonio Gates and DeMarcus Ware, I could care less to watch a game that has no meaning to anyone playing on the field.

In the other: the 2009 Grammy Awards. I actually like watching this, but music in 2009 (save Dave Matthews, U2, Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, MGMT, Muse, and Beyonce) sucked. Not a fan of Taylor Swift's country-pop crossover/teenage girl romance shtick, didn't like Black Eyed Peas's latest effort, Kings of Leon are overrated, and Lady Gaga is just a rehash of Madonna back in the 80's. Nothing really stood out to me, unlike last year when Radiohead gave the one-finger to the recording industry with In Rainbows and still made their best album since Kid A; when Coldplay embraced being U2's eventual heirs with Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends; when Auto-Tune reached it's peak with Lil Wayne's amazing Tha Carter III; when British singer-songwriter Duffy stole and broke hearts with her debut album, Rockferry, and so on.

So what's there to watch? Big Love on HBO. I'm completely behind in that family drama, but thank goodness for HBO On-Demand. I can catch up on all the episodes i've missed.

Late Edit by Jonathan:
Taylor Swift won Album of the Year. It's official: The Grammys have become a pathetic popularity contests.

Late Edit From The Count: My disdain for 21st century culture is legendary but looking at the Grammy's through the years I see they have always made some head scratching choices.

From 1966: Best Contemporary (Rock and Roll) Recording“Winchester Cathedral,” New Vaudeville Band (Fontana) Um say what? Of course it's all about who greases whoms palms.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the first quarter of the Pro-Bowl and it sucked monkey nards. There was no defense at all. As another newshounder said on his twitter page it wasn't football. So I quit watching until around the start of the 4th quarter when they actually started playing hard and competing.

And of course as soon as I turned it on I heard an in-depth discussion from Jaworski and Gruden about which was better Favre's cock in their mouths or their cocks in Favre's ass.

AFC won 41-34. NFC was getting close to scoring and tying the game but Tony Romo threw a Favre like interception to end the game.

As for the Grammys here are your winners...

Record of the Year “A Taste of Honey,” Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

Album of the Year September of My Years, Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
Song of the Year “The Shadow of Your Smile” (Love Theme From The Sandpiper), Paul Francis Webster and Johnny Mandel, songwriters

Best New Artist Tom Jones ( Dear God!)

Most Promising New Recording Artist Peter Serkin, pianist

Best Vocal Performance, Male “It Was a Very Good Year,” Frank Sinatra

Best Vocal Performance, Female "My Name Is Barbra, Barbra Streisand"

As for the Country categories Roger Miller and the Statler Brothers did quite well.

Of course these were the 1965 Grammys

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