Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who would Jesus torture?

For a self-proclaimed man of God, Mark Noonan is constantly proving he is any but. His defense of waterboarding is just further proof.

Actually, torture works quite well - always has. Whether you are trying to get the truth out of a person or force them to agree to a lie, the almost invariable outcome is success. Some people do weather the storm and never break - but they also end up dead. Some, also, try to insert false bits of information in to their interrogations but, eventually, the truth or the desired lie will be tortured out of them, or they’ll die.

The reason we don’t torture isn’t because it doesn’t work, but because it is wrong to do it. And I know you can bring forth all sorts of people do say it doesn’t work - in response, I advise you to read The Gulag Archipelago and get back to me. And you also need to think - put yourself in the position of a person about to be tortured and figure how long you could withstand it. Unless you can state with firmness “until death”, then torture is going to work on you.

Waterboarding is harsh and, if you wish, you can even call it torture - but, it worked. As I’ve stated before, no captive terrorist has a right to remain silent. All such must tell us everything they know, and if they won’t do it voluntarily then they must be compelled to do it. This isn’t a child’s game and its not an episode of Law and Order - this is real life dealing with people who are wicked and wish to do evil because they enjoy it.

What the hell is wrong with you, Mark? In all seriousness? Read my lips: waterboarding is widely considered as torture. It's not just me who's spouting this. It's also the Department of State, and the United Nations as well. What does it say to the rest of the world when we engage in similar tactics that we would expect from members of Al-Qaeda or other degenerates? Will they think we're doing all these tactics in the name of security? Or will they think to themselves, what's the difference between the two factions? Also, enlighten me this: what would your messiah think if Jesus could see what his so-called "followers" were doing under his banner?

But of course, its not the first time your claims of being a God-fearing man have come into contradiction with your fucked-up, twisted ideals.

Kill them all and let God sort them out.

These are harsh words but, an effective military strategy. Our enemy must be defeated. The leaders of Islamic lands understand that their people must be brought to their knees and forced to capitulate hence, the despot. We're dealing with people that are wiling to strap bombs on their bodies to kill a few noncombatants to grab a headline.

They hide behind their children in the schools, behind God in their houses of worship, and behind their women in the civilian population to creep out and strike whom, those who cannot strike back in the vast majority of cases.

Moreover, the moderates are surprisingly quiet in condemnation of the radicals’ tactics. (Comment: maybe it's because they'll end up dead if the moderates condemn the radicals?) In fact, in the company of their own, most sing praises to them. Hate is taught is their schools and there is little or no effort by the moderates to change this. The blatant surreal hatred of the Jew is held not only by the radical but by the moderate also and passed on generation after generation to what end?

So, who is the guilty party or parties? Is the man or men whom could have stopped it but, who instead stand by and watches one atrocity after another committed against the helpless innocent? No, he or they are responsible and should be held to accounts.

Total war is the only answer and is coming sooner or later. The body count will be lower the sooner it comes so, isn't that the human course of action? Yes, if we wait our enemy will grow stronger. What of the fate of our own? Limited war expose our fighting forces to acts of terroristic actions they would not subjected to in a total war effort and extends their exposure to the enemy. Are we not collectively responsible for them as well? Absolutely, and this is where our allegiance must lie. Why should we put the welfare of the enemies’ families before our own son and daughter fighting in the armed services? We shouldn't!

I have pity for your poor, misguided soul, Mark.


Anonymous said...

He's right reading his nonsense is torture and it works. I don't want to read his nonsense anymore.

BTW How is his senate run goin?

Anonymous said...


Would you waterboard a terrorist if it meant saving your family?

Godzilla104 said...

Better question: Would you waterboard a terrorist that was threatening your family if you knew that he would say anything to stop the torture? A person being tortured will say ANYTHING to make it stop.

So, how reliable would that info be, hmmm? Willing to bet your family's life on that Anon?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me he answered your question Ranger and you didn't like his answer.

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