Monday, January 4, 2010

Fiesta Bowl Real Time Thoughts

National Anthem brought to you by Michael McDonald who has 5 Grammy's. Honestly never heard of him.

Average rendition.

Rematch of last years San Diego County Poinsettia Bowl. That game was one of the better bowl games of the year TCU won 17-16. If you are judging by the bowl showings of the Mountain West (TCU) and the WAC (Boise State) you have to give the edge to TCU.

Announcers Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan and Chris Myers.

This a huge pro Boise crowd.

Rough weather in Phoenix 70 degrees.

Buy any vehicle from performance Volkswagen and get a free 42 inch TV.

Ok this is the first and only time i'll mention this. If the Big XII championship game was 60 minutes long like every other game played instead of 60 minutes and 1 second Nebraska would be playing TCU tonight.

To flip the coin ...John Cena he's a Wrestler in the WWE for those who don't know. They called him a Hollywood star in the announcement that was really really really generous. Guy has made 2 movies that nobody has ever seen.

Ok This is the second and only time I'll mention this...nevermind

What is a hornedfrog?


TCU wearing their "combat" Nike uniforms that are ugly as fuck.

First pass for TCU almost intercepted. if there is an advantage for Boise State they have been here before.

See if you catch the ball a yard in front of the first down stick...go forward not backward.

first commercial break I am gonna get me a 52 ounce glass of Dr. Pepper.

WIDE OPEN! Would have been a touchdown and the Boise State QB missed him.

Both teams nervous and they are throwing it all over the lot. That's what Arizona did and the third pass was picked off and they never recovered. When you know your team is nervous call basic run plays early to calm them down.

And as I typed that we got the 6th straight pass from both teams and it was 30 yards over everybody's head.

This ref is like 90.

TCU got good field position on the punt but a really stupid personal foul knocks them back 15 yards.

Ok rule change I want to see. After a Personal foul you lose 15 yards but it's still only 1st and 10. it needs to be 1st and 25.

I am not saying this cup I am drinking out of is old but it's got an ad for Batman Begins on it. Comes out June 15th. I got the cup when we went and saw the remake of The Longest Yard in Harrisburg on our Honeymoon.

Did I call it? Did I call it? You come out and your team is about to piss it's pants and you are calling nothing but passes. Boise State intercepts a pass and runs it back for a touchdown. You have to call plays to calm your team down.

TCU is completely rattled. Rattled bad. Might not be a bad idea for Gary Patterson to call a Time Out and get the players around him.

Or they could try and run the ball.

Why is the roof closed when it's 70?

Boise State talks a lot of shit.

Big 10 officiating crew. The lead ref looks to be about 98 years old.

Fuck AT&T and Verizon

TCU gets away with obvious pass interference and the crowd boos.

Boise State QB Moore scrambles out for about 20 minutes on third down and finds a guy wide open.

Man Nebraska would have schooled this TCU team playing like they are right now. Just sayin.

Biggest play of the game so far. TCU has to get a stop here on 3rd and 16.

Boise State gains 7 yards and now we get a field goal

He missed it. HUGE for TCU. do they settle down?

Oh looky there they call a run play and it gains 6 yards

Boise State blizes, TCU's offensive line throws look out blocks. Boise State blows up TCU's QB and he's hurt.

TCU's QB should be ok I think he just got his bell wrung.

TCU punts the ball straight up in the air.

The camera men are in love with TCU's dance team.

TCU QB will be back in.

That looked like Nebraska running the option...this year.

Really good possession for TCU's defense. They may start to settle down.

TCU's offense however still with their heads up their asses.

And the first quarter is over 7-0 Boise State

Fuck you Earl Ben Nelson.

If it stopped them from torturing us would you want the Ranger or Nooner water-boarded?

Boise State dominating the line of scrimmage and out hustling TCU

I bet that Jerry Hughes' family stands out in Sugar Land Texas.

Boise State should go for this 4th and 2 on the TCU 25. They are going for it.

First down Boise State! 5 yard pass. Great call

I love how no matter who makes the play they show TCU's cheerleaders

Another huge play 3rd and 12. Boise State is kicking TCU's ass but they haven't as yet turned their superiority into a cushion. And incomplete and another field goal attempt.

36 yards and it's good. Right down the middle. 10-0 Boise State.

Does this Douchebag ordering the 89 cent burrito from Denise not see the signs everywhere that say 89 cent burrito?

OK TCU time to show something.

Yeah TCU is just shitting right down it's own leg on national TV.

Man fantastic punt from TCU. That punt was Alex Henery good.

Boise State gets out of a jam on a pass that gets the ball out of their endzone.

TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE ,TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE CALL. Boise State just chucks it up for grabs, Boise State receiver actually pulls the TCU cornerback down the Boise State receiver gets up flapping like a bird the ref calls pass interference on TCU. Horrible call. Pathetic.

I have to admit the Boise State players are starting to rub me the wrong way. They are just too punk ass.

There you go TCU. zone read and a first down.

TCU has to hurry up their is just 57 seconds left.

Touchdown TCU! HUGE! Nice! 10-7 Boise State

And it's halftime and a game. 10-7 Boise State

No neither of these teams look like a national title contender.

gets you a yearly membership to Lou Dobbs new website.

BTW I really want this...

Yes I really am only in my 30's.

Current temperature in Omaha is 9 below.

We have a new troll on Newshounds or an old one with a new name. he wreaks of and old troll...

Name one. Excellent health care is everywhere. Are you saying that the big hospitals in every major and minor city don't provide excellent health care?

Posted by: New Millionaire on Mon 1.4 9:42pm

Yes Rang...err New Millionaire Rush gets the same health care as your average Joe on the street.

My gawd Tommy Frazier is fat

Third quarter

TCU gets a 3 and out to start the second half.

Oh, earlier you said we don't have access to excellent health care. What you MEANT was that some people don't have access to the private property of others, i.e. they haven't (yet) been able to enslave their neighbors to pay their bills for them. Now I get it. When you say "access" you're talking about the parasites getting handouts.

Posted by: New Millionaire on Mon 1.4 10:10pm

Brett Favre: Best. Year. Ever.

Posted by: New Millionaire on Mon 1.4 10:16pm

So is New Millionaire Uber Billy or Ranger?

Man this 3 quarter is going fast. I still say neither of these teams have done themselves any favors tonight.

I better quit arguing with the Ranger and watch this game Boise State is moving the ball again.

TCU'S Ball! fumble! Was his forward progress stopped? If they say no it's a fumble he was a player not on the ground.

Our little genius? I have a better idea for a show. Get the dumbest 5 year old match him up against Ranger and let's see who is smarter.

After further review the fumble has been confirmed.

TCU now is starting to look like they have looked all year. I do believe that Boise State did not take advantage enough of TCU when they were obviously scared shitless.

New poll question up.

TCU has to settle for a Field Goal and the game is tied 10-10

Ndamukong Suh getting some more love

No matter who wins this game nobody outside of their fan base will believe they deserve a national championship.

If that really was intercepted by Boise State it was a helluva a catch.

Announcers believe it was not intercepted which is the way it looked to me.

Yeah that's incomplete.

The call is overturned and called incomplete.

And Boise State gets a first down on the the last play of the 3rd quarter. 10-10.

Sam Rosen says it's a great game I think that is very kind.

ZZZZZZZ...uhhh oh yeah the game is still on.

TCU is on it's 2 yard line because of a block in the back.

2 passes later TCU is at midfield. The QB becomes the all time leading passer at TCU.

That was crazy it was almost intercepted then almost caught.

Those TCU helmets do look like they change colors in the light. they are the definition of Butt ass ugly

3rd and 10 TCU forces a pass and it's intercepted.

If it seems like I am not typing much now, nothing is happening. I am playing let it ride on the computer.

I don't know if it's a camera man or the field camera but it sure loves the TCU girls.

3rd and 9 almost intercepted by TCU.

Fake punt and that was freaking perfect. They let the TCU player come free and they threw it to a tight end in a vacated zone. that was gorgeous.

Another first down and Boise State has some mojo now.

Wide open down to the 2. That fake punt woke Boise State up. TCU is shell shocked.

Touchdown Boise State. Extra point is good 17-10 Boise State.

If Boise State wins expect a lot of bitching from their fan base which has a huge sense of entitlement as it is.

Well here we go TCU speak now or forever hold your peace.

And TCU goes 3 and out.

And Boise State goes 3 and out and wastes no time on the clock. Boise State just chucked it deep out of bounds. The Announcers are questioning that play calling as well.

Boise State punts it this time and it's a low long drive that TCU returns for 39 yards to the Boise State 32.

Pass dropped! TCU just dropped a touchdown pass bigger than shit.

Sack. TCU just has looked scared to death the whole game.

Short pass on third and long and now it's 4th and 6. 4:33 left.

They are going for it and...Incomplete. How huge was that dropped touchdown pass? You hate it when one kid will get singled out as a goat. he'll have a hard enough time living it down. by himself. I hope if Boise State wins he does not have a facebook account.

Third down and a 1st down completion for Boise State. Will they run some clock?

Well this is the game 3rd and 5 and Incomplete. 1:16 left to go and TCU should get the ball back.

Mr Bowl game Chris Myers? not hardly

The punt is downed at the one yard line. TCU has to go 99 yards in 1:06

At least they have some room now

TCU gets some payback for that shitty pass interfierence call earlier in the game.

The Boise State crowd boos. They ought to just be glad this isn't the NFL and it's only a 15 yard Penalty. The ball is at is at the Boise State 49 yard line. 36 seconds remaining.

Complete to the BSU 30 29 seconds left.

Boise State intercepts a jump ball and that will end the game.

Boise State 17 TCU 1o

Congratulations Boise State you are a good team definite top 10 maybe top 5 NOT a national title contender though.e a good team definite top 10 maybe top 5 NOT a national title contender though.


et said...

New Moronaire's identity as the Ranger is sooooo transparent. Our "favorite" trolls can't conceal their core style to save their lives, can they? And that's before we even get to the ignorance...

Ranger said...


Get the IP address and then identify him as Ranger Bob. The only thing transparent is the fact that you have no clue. Every poster on Newshounds is not Ranger Bob.

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