Friday, January 15, 2010

NFL Playoffs Round Table:

Jonathan's Picks

Dallas at Minnesota - the Vikings must come out of the gates running and pressure Tony Romo early and often to keep him out of sync. Unfortunately, Minnesota is 0-2 in the postseason against the Cowboys, and Farve is 0-5 lifetime against them in postseason play, and I don't expect to see Brett shaking up this formula anytime soon.

Prediction: Cowboys

Baltimore at Indianapolis - Ray Rice was scary good against New England on Sunday, along with Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs to the point where Joe Flacco's performance (4 completions for 34 yards and an int) largely went un-criticized. That's not going to cut it against Peyton Manning. The Colts will be playing with a burden of going all the way or else coach Caldwell's decision to take the foot off the pedal in week 16 will stay with him as long as he coaches in Indy.

Prediction: Colts

New York at San Diego - There's so much to like about the Jets here: they enter as football's ranked no.1 total defense and the no.1 rushing offense. Plus, they have a confidence that they can beat anyone in the tournament. And Darrell Revis is easily the best cornerback playing in a long time. It still won't be enough to contain Philip Rivers and the multiple weapons he has at his disposal. The Chargers are too good of a team to be stopped, especially with the home field advantage.

Prediction: Chargers

Arizona at New Orleans - In this corner: Drew Brees. The Godsend for this Saints football team and the city that needs something to believe in these days. And in the other corner: Kurt Warner. The old man who lives for postseason action. While the Saints have been on a downward spiral the last three games, Arizona lit up the scoreboard against Green Bay with poor defense being it's Achilles heel. Still, when Warner's hot, there's no stopping him.

Prediction: Cardinals

The Count's Picks:

Dallas at Minnesota-As you might imagine I have a interest in this one: The Cowboys have one thing going in their factor. Brett Favre in the playoffs. You never know what game he's going to decide to take his payoff. Does he completely ignore Adrian Peterson? Sorry I just don't trust Dallas. Favre nut sucking committee rejoice I think Minnesota wins this one


Baltimore at Indianapolis-Now we see the error of pulling your starters too soon The Ravens have all the momentum. They pull an upset

Prediction: Ravens

New York Jets at San Diego- I really like Rex Ryan and I have no problem with his we should be favorites proclamations. But San Diego is a better team.

Prediction: Chargers

Arizona At New Orleans- Now this will be a lot of fun. first team to 50 wins. I am guessing it will be New Orleans.

Prediction New Orleans

Late Edit by Jonathan: ...and i'm already 0 for 1 in the Divisional Round. Superb game by the New Orleans Saints, beating the Cardinals 45-14. Have we seen the last performance from Kurt Warner?


Jonathan said...

Disagree with you on the Cards-Saints game, Count. Arizona has the momentum coming off the thrilling victory against Green Bay, and key defensive players (DT Rodney Leisle, DE Bobby McCray) are still out with injuries for NO. CB Malcolm Jenkins looks like he'll start, but the D hasn't been that impressive. Arizona's hasn't been either, really. Still, I think Warner continues to stay in rhythem in the Superdome.

Anonymous said...

Trust me I wouldn't take my advice if you paid me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what area of Indianapolis these officials call home.

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