Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe He'll Get Tired And Go Back To Planet Bob
"...and overlooking the serious, Joe Wilson-like breach of etiquette by Justice Alito"

Boy, you can't let go of that one, can you. I've got an idea, lets put the author of this (or any other) piece on national television, point a camera at them while the president calls them names, and see if they don't respond similarly.

Was it "supreme court like"? Probably not. Were Obama's comments "Not True"? It seems there is still a lot of debate on this one, with a lot of scholars saying that there is indeed a lot of misinformation in Obama's remarks.

Go back and watch the 2005 SOTU address, and watch the couple of times Hillary was on screen. Then tell me that Alito's actions were a breach, and her's were not.

Oh that's right, Bush was giving that speech, so Hillary was right to mouth the words she did.

I see Suicide Bob has been all over newshounds spreading his own special brand of Bullshit all over Newshounds and off topic. The Media is Liberal blah blah blah, Nobody gives a shit what I have to say blah blah blah. Why don't I have any friends? blah blah blah I am leaving and never coming back blah blah blah. Maybe he'll get tired and go back to planet Bob the only place people give shit what he has to say.

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