Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes The Special program Is Called Google

Our favorite Marine Batvette you know the one who killed the Ayatollah Khomeini and Communism all by himself made a startiling claim tonight. He is in fact a Liberal...

"using RW logic"

notes my polical views:

voted for Obama
thought Bush was a double digit IQ puppet whose public speaking ability was abhorrent.
agnostic leaning toward atheist
pro social services
anti capital punishment
pro gay marriage
pro gun control


Wow this sure is an about face for old Batty. This is the same Batvette who once posted on Mike Thayer's blog that he wanted to get together with him and combine information. When I posted this on off topic...

Do they know this at the Free Republic?

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Let's just say he got peeved...

I don't care.

Most people on the internet don't obsess on compiling the personal views of people in forums, finding a relevant argument a better way of entering a thread.

I wonder what goes on in the head of people like you, ankle biters who never contribute to a discussion but only wage personal attacks- in your case quite creepy, not out of line to describe as stalking. Do you think insulting someone's person makes your position more right?
How much time do you spend tracking down the things people who've owned you in arguments say? Is there a special computer program you stalkers use to make your databases of compiled obsessions easier to manage? Do you make dartboards out of their pictures, or what you imagine they look like, and throw darts at them? Do you own a clown suit and/or an ice cream truck?

Yes that special computer program is called Google.


RalphyFan said...

I honestly just think it's funny that he's come back. What lures them in for such abuse? What do they get out of it? It's baffling.

Anonymous said...

Honestly since he's still going strong I think he's lonely.

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