Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cryptic Comment Explanation.

I have been listening to the soothing sounds of Bing Crosby all night so maybe that will help with tone in which I write this.

First of all I find the all knowing God thread fascinating. Without having read the thread closely after I commented on it myself It seems that the two people whose views that are somewhat similar to mine on the subject are Early2it and Sergei and I can not tell you how frighting that is to me. Now let me say this both of these guys are smart. I wouldn't argue for a minute that both would ice me on an IQ test but Intelligence in an of itself only takes you so far especially the variety found in a book.

First of all you have a guy who makes YouTube videos saying things that make sense to only him and then cracks up laughing. His OT posts are often every bit as odd as his YouTube videos. Most of the time he's harmless enough especially if he isn't saying things about the American Military that even I would dare not say. My beef isn't with him.

Last night I noticed the usual suspect was back in his usual Sunday condition and I thought he was going out of his way to start something with Sergei so I sent the kid a PM. I say Kid because even though he is over 20 now he's a kid. Anyway I didn't think I did anything too wrong with a PM that basically said I wouldn't take the bait so I see he picked you to fight with. I didn't think this was too wrong. Hell I thought I was being nice.

Sergei didn't think so. It seems that even though Sergei was being followed around last night and pestered all night by the guy Sergei considers the usual suspect a "good friend when he isn't drinking" ( I admit I laughed at this when does he post when he isn't drinking?) And it was my fault ( and others) that the guy shows up once a week gassed looking for a fight because somehow we make him a drunken asshole. Now I can't speak for the other two people the usual suspect has tried to start fights with this month but I refuse to take the blame for the guy being an asshole. I have enough blame to shoulder for being an asshole myself.

Sergei then closed by quoting the Qur'an to me he never misses an opportunity to show off how smart he is which no doubt he is in many ways. But here's the thing. In many ways he's not half as smart as thinks he is. I've always felt that way about him but I've also always liked the kid. His smart ass response to me took care of that.

Sometimes I think the Sergei's of the world get too cocky about themselves. They have worked their ass off for years getting a good education their smarter than most of us and they know it but they make the dangerous mistake of quitting learning.

Anyway there it is and it's dropped.

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et said...

It's worth observing that many seekers after enlightenment have found fulfillment of their quests in living everyday life at its basic, quotidian level. A little more Thoreau, a little less Immanuel Kant.

Hey, Count, have you heard? It's in the stars - next July we collide with Mars! Well! Did you evah?

What a swell party this is.

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